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Kate Holton

UK faces food, fuel and drug shortages, says contested leaked document

18 Aug 2019

LONDON Britain will face shortages of fuel, food and medicine if it leaves the European Union without a transition deal, according to leaked official documents reported by the Sunday Times whose interpretation was immediately contested by ministers. | Video

Parliament cannot stop Brexit, Johnson to tell Macron and Merkel

18 Aug 2019

LONDON Prime Minister Boris Johnson will tell French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Westminster parliament cannot stop Brexit and a new deal must be agreed if Britain is to avoid leaving the EU without one.

Rival plans to stop no-deal Brexit clash, limiting their chances

15 Aug 2019

LONDON Opposition parties launched rival campaigns to topple Prime Minister Boris Johnson and stop him taking Britain out of the European Union without a deal, illustrating fractures in the anti-Brexit movement that make neither scheme likely to succeed.

UK's Labour vows to bring down Johnson and lead temporary government

14 Aug 2019

LONDON, Aug 14 Britain's opposition Labour Party has vowed to call a vote of no-confidence in Boris Johnson's government as soon as it believes it can win it and seeks to form a temporary government under leader Jeremy Corbyn to delay Brexit.

New contract wins help WPP to improved second-quarter trading

09 Aug 2019

LONDON New client wins including Instagram and eBay helped WPP report better-than-expected trading in the second quarter, giving a lift both to its shares and the boss of the world's biggest advertising company. | Video

Sterling fall prompts profit warning from On The Beach

09 Aug 2019

A sharp fall in the pound forced package holiday provider On The Beach to warn on profit on Friday, showing the threat posed to smaller companies that cannot manage the fallout from Britain's volatile Brexit negotiations.

Britain would face food shortages in no-deal Brexit, industry body says

07 Aug 2019

LONDON Britain will experience shortages of some fresh foods for weeks or even months if a disorderly no-deal Brexit leaves perishable produce rotting in lorries at ports, Britain's food and drink lobby warned on Wednesday. | Video

Tesco to cut 4,500 jobs in Metro restructuring

05 Aug 2019

LONDON British supermarket chain Tesco is cutting about 4,500 jobs from its Metro stores to improve the efficiency of a format that is increasingly used by customers daily rather than for a traditional weekly shop.

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