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Kate Kelland

GSK's ViiV seeks marketing licence for baby-friendly HIV pill

10:26am GMT

LONDON, Dec 13 British drugmaker GSK applied on Friday for a licence to market its HIV drug dolutegravir in a formulation designed to be easier for babies and children who are living with the virus to swallow.

Scientists home in on potential treatments for deadly Nipah virus

12 Dec 2019

LONDON Scientists working on how to combat a highly infectious and deadly virus called Nipah, which is transmitted to humans from bats and pigs, say they have found around a dozen potential drugs that might be developed to block the disease.

WHO decries 'collective failure' as measles kills 140,000

06 Dec 2019

LONDON Measles infected nearly 10 million people in 2018 and killed 140,000, mostly children, as devastating outbreaks of the viral disease hit every region of the world, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.

Gates Foundation CEO Sue Desmond-Hellmann to step down after five years

05 Dec 2019

The multi-billion-dollar philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said on Thursday that its chief executive officer, Sue Desmond-Hellmann, is to step down after more than five years, to be replaced by Mark Suzman.

Half a million Ebola vaccine doses to be stockpiled for emergency use

05 Dec 2019

LONDON, Dec 5 - A stockpile of 500,000 doses of Ebola vaccine for emergency use in outbreaks of the deadly fever is being established by the global vaccine alliance GAVI.

Malaria fight stalling at 'unacceptably high level' of deaths - WHO

04 Dec 2019

LONDON, Dec 4 Malaria still infects millions of people every year and kills more than 400,000 - mostly children in Africa - because the fight against the mosquito-borne disease has stalled, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.

Sedentary teens risk health, hearts and minds: WHO study

22 Nov 2019

GENEVA/LONDON Teenagers worldwide are jeopardizing their health by failing to get enough exercise to reduce their risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases, a World Health Organization-led study released on Friday warns. | Video

Omega-3 oils boost attention as much as ADHD drugs in some children

20 Nov 2019

LONDON Omega-3 fish oil supplements can improve attention in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) just as much as drug treatments, but only in those whose blood levels of omega-3 are low, trial results showed on Wednesday.

Smokers who switch to vaping rapidly boost heart health in trial

15 Nov 2019

LONDON Chronic smokers who switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarette vapes in a large randomized control trial saw a significant improvement in markers of heart health after just a month, researchers said on Friday.

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