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Kawa Omar

Yazidi Iraqi keeps tradition alive of arak-making from dates

20 Oct 2020

BASHIQA, Iraq Saad Hussein, a 42-year-old Yazidi Iraqi, is one of the last in the northern region of Nineveh producing the anise-flavoured spirit, arak, from local dates.

For Iraq's persecuted Yazidis, return plan is fraught with risk

16 Oct 2020

DOHUK, Iraq The Yazidis of northern Iraq, an ancient religious minority brutally persecuted by Islamic State, want nothing more than peace, security and a better life in their home town of Sinjar - but they want it on their terms.

Zoroastrians make a comeback in northern Iraq, but still face stigma

30 Sep 2020

DOHUK, Iraq Carefully tucking his Farvahar pendant under his shirt, Aram Mehdi reminds himself of the core Zoroastrian principles it represents: good words, good thoughts and good deeds.

Displaced Yazidis head back to Sinjar as coronavirus lockdown bites

06 Jul 2020

SHARYA, Iraq Hundreds of Yazidi families driven from their hometown of Sinjar in northern Iraq years ago are now returning as the impact of coronavirus lockdown measures makes their lives in exile even harder.

For father of drowned boy, new wave of migrants brings back haunting memories

04 Mar 2020

ERBIL, Iraq Four-and-a-half years ago the image of a drowned toddler washed up on a beach on the Turkish coast shocked the world and drew attention to the perilous journey many Syrians took to flee civil war and reach the shores of Greece. | Video

U.S. mulls leaving some troops in Syria to guard oil - Pentagon

22 Oct 2019

DOHUK, Iraq/KABUL The Pentagon is considering keeping some U.S. troops near oilfields in northeastern Syria alongside Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to help deny oil to Islamic State militants, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Monday. | Video

U.S. troops cross into Iraq from Syria

21 Oct 2019

DOHUK, Iraq United States troops have crossed into Iraq from Syria through the Sahela border crossing in the northern province of Dohuk, Reuters witnesses said on Monday. | Video

Widows of Iraq's war pick up the threads of fragmented lives

18 May 2019

MOSUL, Iraq In a workshop in a bombed-out factory in Mosul, Najlaa Abdelrahman joins scores of other women on a production line as they sew garments and try to knit their lives back together. | Video

For Yazidi survivors of Islamic State killings, the nightmares go on

19 Feb 2019

SINJAR, Iraq Ever since Islamic State visited death and destruction on their villages in northern Iraq nearly five years ago, Yazidis Daoud Ibrahim and Kocher Hassan have had trouble sleeping. | Video

Iraqi forces face tough resistance from IS in final Tal Afar battle

29 Aug 2017

AL-'AYADIYA/BAGHDAD Iraqi forces said they faced tough resistance on Monday from Islamic State fighters driven out of the city of Tal Afar to a small town where they had "nothing to lose" by fighting to the end.

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