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Khalid Abdelaziz

Sudan replaces slew of top ministers to speed political reforms

09 Jul 2020

CAIRO Sudan's prime minister replaced the finance, foreign, energy and health ministers on Thursday as part of a reshuffle aimed at accelerating the country's political transition following calls from pro-democracy groups for faster change.

Donors pledge $1.8 billion for Sudan's troubled transition

26 Jun 2020

BERLIN/KHARTOUM Foreign donor nations pledged $1.8 billion at a conference hosted by Germany to help Sudan ease an economic crisis hampering its transition towards democracy after the fall of strongman Omar al-Bashir. | Video

Sudan pins hopes on Berlin donor meeting as economy nears collapse

23 Jun 2020

KHARTOUM/CAIRO With Sudan's economy at risk of freefall, hammered by inflation exceeding 100% and plagued by shortages of bread, fuel and medicine, the government is pinning its hopes on a conference of potential donors in Berlin this week.

PREVIEW- Sudan pins hopes on Berlin donor meeting as economy nears collapse

23 Jun 2020

* ​Run by shaky transitional coalition of civilians, military

'Hunger is worse than corona': Sudanese demand end to lockdown amid economic woes

08 Jun 2020

KHARTOUM Like many Sudanese, car mechanic Mohamed Othman says the government must end its coronavirus lockdown now so that he can get back to work because "me and my family have no other source of income".

Sudan's PM promises justice on anniversary of sit-in killings

03 Jun 2020

KHARTOUM Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok pledged justice on Wednesday for scores of pro-democracy protesters killed a year ago when security forces broke up a sit-in outside the defence ministry.

Few ventilators, little cash: Sudan braces for coronavirus test

23 Apr 2020

DUBAI/KHARTOUM With just a few hundred ventilators and international aid slow to materialise, Sudan's fledgling government knows it has an uphill battle against a coronavirus pandemic that has brought far richer countries to a standstill. | Video

Sudan's health minister says country needs $120 million to fight coronavirus

11 Apr 2020

KHARTOUM Sudan urgently needs $120 million to fight the new coronavirus, the country's health minister told Reuters on Saturday, amid a shortage of the equipment to fight the epidemic which has ravaged richer countries.

Sudan's PM survives assassination attempt in Khartoum

10 Mar 2020

KHARTOUM Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok survived an assassination attempt targeting his convoy as he headed to work on Monday morning in the capital Khartoum, officials said. | Video

Sudan stumbles through transition without fresh donor help

26 Feb 2020

KHARTOUM Sudan has made a surprise opening to Israel, announced compensation over the bombing of a U.S. warship 20 years ago, and said it will fully cooperate with the International Criminal Court on cases about Darfur.

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