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Khalil Ashawi

Turkey-backed rebels await 'zero hour' to attack Syria's Manbij

16 Jan 2019

JARABLUS, Syria Rebel commander Adnan Abu Faisal and his army are encamped near the frontline in northern Syria, waiting to launch an offensive on his home city of Manbij.

Tale of two brothers reflects Syrian rebel unity and divisions

14 Oct 2018

ISTANBUL/BEIRUT Brothers Abu Eliyas and Abu Yousef have fought at opposite ends of the insurgency against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Far from home, a Syrian rebel group starts over

27 Sep 2018

NEAR AL-BAB, Syria Syrian rebels forced from their towns when government forces retook eastern Ghouta near Damascus are starting over in the far north, aiming to build hundreds of homes for displaced fighters and civilians on opposition-held land near the Turkish border.

As Idlib offensive looms, Syrians flee to border villages

12 Sep 2018

IDLIB, Syria Syrians escaping violence in Idlib have arrived in villages near the Turkish border in droves, fearing Damascus will launch a full-blown assault on the rebel stronghold. | Video

Turkey offers cash, promises passports to families of Syria rebels killed in Afrin

06 Sep 2018

AL-BAB, Syria Turkey is compensating the families of Syrian rebels who died fighting in support of its offensive in Syria's Afrin, promising them citizenship and a house in Turkey, a rebel commander and families said.

Falling lira hits Syrian enclave backed by Turkey

28 Aug 2018

AZAZ, Syria In a part of northern Syria that Turkey's army helped rebels capture in 2016, the plunge in value of the Turkish lira has hit shopkeepers, medical charities and fighters paid in the currency hard. | Video

Driven from home, White Helmet rescuers start over in north Syria

27 Aug 2018

AZAZ, Syria Syrian rescue worker Samir Salim found his mother's body under their collapsed house, but there was no time for a funeral. | Video

Syriens Rebellen bauen mit türkischer Hilfe Armee auf

13 Aug 2018

Nach mehreren gescheiterten Versuchen, die syrischen Rebellen unter einem Banner zu einen, entsteht nun im Nordwesten des Bürgerkriegslandes mit Hilfe der Türkei die sogenannte Nationale Armee. "Wir stehen am Anfang", sagt ihr Kommandeur, Oberst Haitham Afisi, der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters in der Stadt Asas nahe der türkischen Grenze. "Wir stehen vor vielen Herausforderungen, aber wir arbeiten daran, sie zu überwinden." Gegenwärtig besteht die Armee aus 35.000 Kämpfern und setzt sich aus einigen der größten aufständischen Gruppen des Krieges zusammen. Als ihre drei Feinde nennt Afisi Syriens Präsident Baschar al-Assad, die kurdische PKK und die Extremisten-Miliz Islamischer Staat (IS).

Syrian rebels build an army with Turkish help, face challenges

12 Aug 2018

AZAZ, Syria A "National Army" being set up by Syrian rebels with Turkey's help could become a long-term obstacle to President Bashar al-Assad's recovery of the northwest - if they can end factional rivalries that have long blighted the opposition. | Video

In a Syrian village, Turkish forces seen as shield from attack

07 Aug 2018

AL-SURMAN VILLAGE, Syria The red Turkish flag fluttering on the outskirts of the Syrian village of al-Surman has been seen by residents as a shield against government attack since Turkish troops arrived in February. But their fears of an offensive are growing. | Video

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