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Unregulated sales of insulin common on Craigslist

4:10pm GMT

(Reuters Health) - Unregulated and deeply discounted sales of insulin are common on Craigslist, a new study finds.

High lifetime number of sexual partners linked to increased cancer risk

13 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - People who have had 10 or more sexual partners during their lifetime may have increased odds of being diagnosed with cancer, a new study suggests.

Privacy law covering most medical care may not apply in schools

12 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - The privacy protections Americans have come to expect when it comes to their medical information may not always apply in school settings, a new report suggests.

Injected heroin use still near all-time highs in U.S., may explain hepatitis-C rise

12 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - Heroin use by injection has leveled off in recent years but had been rising steadily for more than a decade, a study finds.

Many in U.S. worry about affording healthcare in retirement

10 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - Nearly half of Americans aged 50 to 64 worry they won't be able to afford healthcare when they retire, while more than two-thirds are concerned that federal policy changes will affect their current health insurance, a new survey finds.

Access to medical marijuana tied to reduced workers' comp claims

07 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - - Legalizing access to medical marijuana may lead to fewer workers' compensation claims, a U.S. study suggests.

Obesity treatment programs may boost kids' self-esteem, body image

06 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - Children who participate in obesity treatment programs get a benefit over and above weight loss: they may also start seeing themselves more positively, a new study suggests.

Racial differences seen in acne treatment for U.S. patients

05 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - Black patients may be less likely than whites to receive aggressive treatment for acne, a new study suggests.

Dentists commonly over-prescribe opioids

04 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - More than half of the opioid prescriptions written by U.S. dentists between 2011 and 2015 exceeded current government guidelines for treating pain associated with dental procedures, a new study suggests.

Homicide a major cause of death for Louisiana pregnant women

03 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - Some women in the United States may be most at risk of being murdered during pregnancy or shortly after giving birth, a new study suggests.

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