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Average pregnant woman in U.S. may have poor nutrition

21 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Many pregnant women in the U.S. may not be getting enough of certain crucial nutrients, while others may be getting too much, a new study suggests.

Rising rates of marijuana use among pregnant women spark concern

20 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Increasing numbers of pregnant women are using marijuana in the U.S. and that may result in issues for their babies, two new studies suggest.

U.S. teen suicides rising, especially among boys

18 Jun 2019

For nearly a decade, suicide rates have been climbing among U.S. teens, with an especially pronounced increase in boys recently, a new study suggests.

Genetics research gets help from social media

17 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Researchers have harnessed the power of social media to build a genetic database, according to a new report.

Eleven U.S. cancer centers get to charge more for care

17 Jun 2019

For several decades, certain cancer centers have been allowed by the U.S. government to charge more for the care they give. A new study finds the care given at these centers isn't very different from that received at other top-notch facilities.

Female soldiers wanting to suppress periods face barriers

13 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Military women wanting to stop menstruating while they are deployed may face a number of barriers, a new commentary suggests.

New review suggests proven ways to cut back on sugary drinks

12 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - With sugary sodas and other sweetened drinks considered a key driver of the obesity epidemic worldwide, a new research review evaluates how well various measures work to reduce consumption of these calorie laden drinks.

For female vets, sex assault in military boosts odds of lasting sexual pain

11 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Military women who are sexually assaulted may be at an especially high risk of developing lasting sexual pain, a U.S. study suggests.

Fewer psychiatrists take Medicaid patients even as the program has expanded

07 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Fewer and fewer psychiatrists are accepting Medicaid even as increasing numbers of patients have gained mental health coverage through expansion of the program, a new study suggests.

App helps people learn to meditate, improves attention skills

06 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - An experimental app may help people learn to meditate, which in turn yields improvements in attention span and working memory, a new study suggests.

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