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Lisa Rapaport

Teens breathe less secondhand smoke after car smoking ban

8:55pm GMT

(Reuters Health) - A law in the UK banning smoking in cars carrying children has been associated with a reduction in secondhand smoke exposure among teens, a new study suggests.

Weight-loss surgery may improve breathing problems

7:45pm GMT

(Reuters Health) - Obese people who have bariatric surgery may have an easier time breathing afterward, a small study suggests.

Despite insurance gains, more people in the U.S. can't afford doctors

27 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - A growing number of Americans find it too expensive to see doctors even though more people have health insurance, a U.S. study suggests.

Barbershop screenings may help find undiagnosed diabetes

27 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - Screening black men for diabetes in barbershops may help identify those who don't realize they have the disease, a new study suggests.

Breastfeeding and childbearing tied to lower odds of early menopause

24 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - - Women who have babies and breastfeed may be less likely to go through menopause early than those who don't have children or nurse their infants, a U.S. study suggests.

For some trans youth, suicide risk lowers with puberty suppression

23 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - - While only a minority of transgender youth who want puberty-blocking medicines receive this treatment, a new study suggests they may have a lower suicide risk when they get it.

Some men with HIV may mistakenly believe they're not contagious

23 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - Most men with HIV know whether they have enough of the virus in their blood to make them contagious, but a new study suggests one in five may mistakenly think they can't spread the virus even when they can.

Later school start times may help teens get needed sleep

22 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - Teens who start school at 9 a.m. may get about an hour more sleep at night than peers who have to be in class at 8 a.m., a small German study suggests.

U.S. kids getting more well-child checkups, having fewer sick visits

21 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - Children in the U.S. have been getting more preventive checkups and having fewer sick visits in recent years, a new study suggests.

Not all low-carb, low-fat diets help you live longer

21 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - - People who follow low-carb or low-fat diets may not live longer - unless they're also careful to avoid junk food and sweets, a U.S. study suggests.

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