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Lucian Kim

Commentary: In Putin's Russia, no difference between doping and duping

20 Jul 2016

The chance that Russia will be banned from the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games next month looks ever more likely as the International Olympic Committee considers punishing the Russian team for the widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Commentary: NATO uses missile defense to play catch-up with Russia

06 Jun 2016

Poland is about to host the largest multinational military exercises on its territory in more than a decade. The Anakonda-16 exercises, involving 25,000 troops from more than 20 countries, are intended to showcase the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s unity and speed one month before the alliance’s summit in Warsaw. The U.S. Army will play a key role, with a mechanized regiment based in Germany simulating a mission to rescue the Baltic States from a Russian attack.

Commentary: Europe’s party is over. It’s not clear what comes next.

25 May 2016

"Peace, joy and pancakes” could have been the European Union’s motto. That silly German expression -- "Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen" -- refers to glossing over problems. It can also describe the blithe optimism with which most Europeans marched into the glorious future of a unified Europe. Today that promise seems to have evaporated.

A dirty – not particularly funny – poem just turned into an ‘international crisis’

13 Apr 2016

Just when German Chancellor Angela Merkel thought she had checked “Turkey” off her to-do list for solving Europe’s refugee crisis, a filth-laden poem read by a late-night comic is presenting her with a new dilemma.

Germany can take that smug look off its face

01 Apr 2016

The AfD and the insurrection led by Donald Trump are both a visceral reaction to voters’ fears about immigration, terrorism and the arrogance of the powers-that-be. Each gains strength in the electronic echo chambers of social media.

Europe declared peace while the world was still at war

24 Mar 2016

The crux of Europe’s quandary in fighting global terrorism mirrors its problems with a common currency: a reluctance to sacrifice even more sovereignty on the altar of EU unity.

German election bruises Merkel, but isn’t a knockout blow

14 Mar 2016

The price for Angela Merkel’s refusal to close Germany’s borders to refugees is a deeply divided conservative camp.

Do you suffer from Russophobia? The Kremlin thinks you might.

07 Mar 2016

'Russophobe' has become a convenient label for anyone who disagrees with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive behavior at home and abroad.

When it comes to Russia, it’s Munich all over again – again

19 Feb 2016

It appears as if the world is right back where it was a year ago, when the West was in a similar position, trapped between its fear of a greater war and inability to confront a ruthless adversary.

The Greek Bruce Willis fights for democracy — and Marxism?

15 Feb 2016

If Yanis Varoufakis was going to make a comeback, it had to be in the German capital.

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