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Amid criticism, Colombia defends assertions that Venezuela's Maduro supports rebels

01 Oct 2019

BOGOTA Colombia on Monday publicly defended a dossier it says proves Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro supports guerrilla groups and drug traffickers but removed the armed forces' head of intelligence after widespread criticism of the report.

Colombia hopes to sign 20 contracts in coming oil round: official

27 Sep 2019

BOGOTA Colombia hopes to sign 20 contracts for oil exploration and production rights in its coming auction, the head of the national hydrocarbons agency said on Thursday, as it looks to possible offshore success over the next 18 months.

Colombia's Duque seeks international sanctions on Venezuela to protect region

22 Sep 2019

BOGOTA Colombian President Ivan Duque called on Saturday for coordinated international sanctions targeting Venezuela to help stop President Nicolas Maduro's support for Colombian rebels and drug traffickers from destabilizing Latin America.

Pressured by U.S., Colombians uproot coca plants, wary of landmines

13 Sep 2019

TARAZA, Colombia Dozens of Colombian soldiers dug up coca bushes under the tropical sun on a steep hillside near the Caribbean coast. Shovels in hand and guns slung across their backs in case of a sniper attack, they are part of their government's stepped-up efforts to slash cocaine production under pressure from Washington.

Amazon countries sign forest pact, promising to coordinate disaster response

06 Sep 2019

LETICIA, Colombia Seven Amazonian countries on Friday signed a pact to protect the world's largest tropical forest via disaster response coordination and satellite monitoring, amid recent fires that torched thousands of square miles of the jungle.

Amazon countries to seek deal on forest protection at Colombia summit

06 Sep 2019

LETICIA, Colombia, Sept 6 Leaders from Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana and Peru and Suriname have begun discussion of possible regional measures to protect the Amazon at a Friday summit, amid recent fires which burned thousands of square miles of the world's largest tropical forest.

Colombia's fight against rebels would be easier without Maduro - minister

31 Aug 2019

BOGOTA There is "no doubt" it would be easier to combat Colombia's rebel groups if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro were no longer in power, Colombia's foreign minister said, amid accusations that Caracas is providing the groups with shelter.

Colombian dissident rebel leader issues new call to arms 3 years after peace deal

30 Aug 2019

BOGOTA A group of former rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) said in a video posted overnight that they will embark on a new offensive, threatening to resume five decades of armed conflict against the government. | Video

Murder of hundreds of Colombian activists casts shadow over peace process

26 Aug 2019

SANTANDER DE QUILICHAO, Colombia Indigenous leader Edwin Mauricio Capaz pulls on a bulletproof vest every day before getting into the armoured car he uses to travel around the restive part of ​​southwest Colombia he calls home.

Thousands of Colombians march to protest activist killings

27 Jul 2019

BOGOTA Thousands marched in cities around Colombia on Friday in protest of the murder of hundreds of human rights activists, a spat of deadly violence which the country has been unable to quell in spite of a 2016 peace deal with Marxist rebels.

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