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Luke Baker

From Jupiter to jeers - France's Macron battles popularity slump

26 Sep 2018

PARIS A little over a year ago, Emmanuel Macron was sitting pretty in the polls, a 39-year-old president in a hurry, with ambitious plans and the hopes of a nation riding on his shoulders. | Video

Macron's 'tough love' to young jobseeker fuels French reform debate

17 Sep 2018

PARIS French President Emmanuel Macron's quick tongue has repeatedly landed him in trouble since he took office, but he shows no signs of backing away from his straight talk, telling an unemployed man he could easily get a job if he tried.

French fans give hero welcome to 'Les Bleus' World Cup champions

16 Jul 2018

PARIS Hundreds of thousands of ecstatic French fans celebrated the return of their World Cup winning football team on Monday, jumping and chanting "We Are The Champions" as their bus paraded down the Champs Elysees before a special presidential reception. | Video

National tensions simmer ahead of Belgium-France World Cup semi-final

10 Jul 2018

PARIS/BRUSSELS It's a showdown between "Asterix" and "Tintin". Les Bleus (The Blues) versus Les Diables Rouges (The Red Devils). France against Belgium. The World Cup equivalent of a local derby, with a heavy dose of national rivalry thrown in.

Is Macron's quick tongue his biggest weakness?

27 Jun 2018

PARIS In his first year in office, French President Emmanuel Macron has had some big wins -- he's changed labour rules to make hiring and firing easier, stared down unions to overhaul the state-run rail company and tamed the budget deficit for the first time in a decade.

Germany and France want euro zone unemployment insurance fund

20 Jun 2018

BRUSSELS France and Germany want to set up a fund to help euro zone countries pay unemployment benefits in a severe economic downturn and will make a detailed proposal by December, a document agreed by Paris and Berlin shows.

Germany, France push for easier debt restructuring in euro zone

20 Jun 2018

BRUSSELS France and Germany want to make it easier to restructure sovereign debt in the euro zone by introducing a stronger legal clause in newly issued bonds, a document agreed by Berlin and Paris showed.

Germany, France say EU should aim for 5 percent ceiling on banks' bad loans

20 Jun 2018

BRUSSELS European Union banks should reduce the stock of bad loans to a maximum of 5 percent of the loans they hold, Germany and France said in a joint document, recommending a ceiling that would force Italy and other EU countries to hasten offloading plans.

Macron's euro zone reforms - Grand vision reduced to pale imitation

19 Jun 2018

PARIS When French President Emmanuel Macron laid out a sweeping vision for eurozone reform last September, he spoke of "rebuilding Europe", with a common budget for the euro nations and a single minister to oversee it all.

French parliament approves SNCF reform bill in breakthrough for Macron

14 Jun 2018

PARIS France's parliament overwhelmingly approved a bill overhauling the indebted state-run rail company SNCF on Wednesday, handing a significant victory to President Emmanuel Macron in his bid to outflank the unions and reform the economy. | Video

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