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Luke Baker

Britain rescues its 'soft-power' branch after heavy COVID blow

26 Jun 2020

LONDON The UK Treasury has stepped in to rescue the British Council from the brink of insolvency amid coronavirus woes, but it probably needs a longer-term solution, the chief executive of the country's international cultural and education agency says.

Frühere Staatschefs warnen vor mehr Unterdrückung im Zuge von Pandemie

25 Jun 2020

London Zahlreiche Staaten nutzen Politikern zufolge den Kampf gegen das Coronavirus zur Unterdrückung von Kritik und zu einem verstärkten autoritären Regieren.

Some countries using virus curbs to 'silence critics', ex-leaders warn

25 Jun 2020

LONDON The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in authoritarian behaviour by governments around the world, posing a growing threat to democracy, hundreds of former prime ministers, presidents, Nobel laureates and lawmakers have warned.

Lawmakers in Europe call on Israel to ditch annexation plans

24 Jun 2020

BRUSSELS/LONDON Any Israeli move to annex parts of the West Bank would be "fatal" for Middle East peace hopes and must be prevented, if necessary with countermeasures, more than 1,000 lawmakers from across Europe said in a letter to European governments.

Vexed by annexation: The battle inside the EU over Israel

23 Jun 2020

BRUSSELS Two months before Donald Trump unveiled his Middle East peace plan on Jan. 28, Luxembourg's foreign minister was certain the U.S. president would break with the European Union and recognise Israeli sovereignty over Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

As China pushes back on virus, Europe wakes to 'Wolf Warrior' diplomacy

14 May 2020

LONDON/BRUSSELS Earlier this month, Europe's ambassador in Beijing submitted to Chinese censorship.

Virus response opens way for corruption: EU chief prosecutor

12 May 2020

LONDON The promise of vast sums of European Union aid to countries affected by the coronavirus and less oversight over the funds is likely to lead to a surge in fraud and corruption, the EU's chief prosecutor said in an interview.

Militants, fringe groups exploiting COVID-19, warns EU anti-terrorism chief

30 Apr 2020

LONDON The coronavirus pandemic is fuelling extremism on the far-right and far-left in Europe and giving Islamic State and other militants cover to regain influence, the European Union's counter-terrorism chief has warned.

In global war on coronavirus, some fear civil rights are collateral damage

10 Apr 2020

LONDON/BANGKOK/DELHI In Armenia, journalists must by law include information from the government in their stories about COVID-19. In the Philippines, the president has told security forces that if anyone violates the lockdown they should "shoot them dead". In Hungary, the premier can rule by decree indefinitely.

As infections balloon, coronavirus squeezes Europe's armed forces

06 Apr 2020

PARIS/BERLIN/LONDON Military forces across Europe have scaled back operations and imposed stricter rules on personnel to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus among staff who often live and work in close quarters, making them more vulnerable to infection.

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