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Most Americans expect next mass shooting to happen in next months: Reuters/Ipsos

09 Aug 2019

Nearly half of all Americans expect another mass shooting will happen soon in the United States, according to a Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll released on Friday, as the nation reels from rampages in California, Texas and Ohio.

Democrats and Republicans can’t even agree on the weather: Reuters/Ipsos poll

25 Jul 2019

NEW YORK Only 200 miles separate Michael Tilden and Miranda Garcia in rain-soaked Iowa. But they are worlds apart when it comes to their opinion of the weather.

Blackout disrupts Manhattan, darkens Broadway theatres

14 Jul 2019

NEW YORK A wide swath of New York's Manhattan borough was plunged into darkness Saturday after a transformer explosion knocked out power to subways, stores and Broadway theatres, but the city's main utility said it had restored most power within hours. | Video

Millions celebrate LGBTQ pride in New York amid global fight for equality -organizers

01 Jul 2019

NEW YORK Millions lined the streets of New York on Sunday to wave rainbow flags, celebrate the movement towards LGBTQ equality and renew calls for action in what organizers billed as the largest gay pride celebration in history. | Video

World Pride parade preempted by anti-corporate dissidents

01 Jul 2019

NEW YORK The world's marquee gay pride parade was preempted by thousands of anti-corporate dissidents who staged their own protest on Sunday, rejecting a uniformed police presence and commercial sponsorship while also demanding LGBTQ equality.

Women's World Cup fans party in New York's Times Square as U.S. tops France

28 Jun 2019

A throng of football fans, office workers and curious tourists crowded into New York's Times Square on Friday afternoon to watch a giant screen show the United States defeat France in one of the hottest matches in the history of the women's World Cup.

Pride and protest: Stonewall rally to look back and ahead

28 Jun 2019

NEW YORK, June 28 Activists from around the world will rally in New York's Greenwich Village on Friday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the LGBTQ movement and decry a wave of Trump administration policies they view as a setback for their cause.

Americans' perception of LGBTQ rights under federal law largely incorrect: Reuters/Ipsos

11 Jun 2019

Almost half of all Americans incorrectly believe that federal law protects lesbian, gay and bisexual people from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released this week.

Support for abortion rights grows as some U.S. states curb access: Reuters/Ipsos poll

26 May 2019

NEW YORK Americans have become more supportive of abortion rights over the past year, even as a wave of Republican-controlled state governments have imposed new restrictions, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Sunday.

Hero student who tackled North Carolina gunman remembered as 'selfless'

06 May 2019

The North Carolina college student credited with saving lives by tackling a gunman firing at his classmates was remembered on Sunday as a person who died, the way he lived, "putting others first." | Video

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