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Mariela Nava

Venezuela's Maduro orders militia expansion as Guaido tours blackout-ravaged state

14 Apr 2019

CARACAS/MARACAIBO Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday ordered an expansion of civilian militia by nearly one million members as opposition leader Juan Guaido toured western Zulia state, which has been hard hit by electricity blackouts.

In Venezuela, not even the dollar is immune to effects of hyperinflation

14 Mar 2019

SAN ANTONIO/MARACAIBO, Venezuela In San Antonio del Tachira, like scores of Venezuelan towns near the border with Colombia, if you want to buy food or medicine it is no use amassing huge piles of bolivar currency. You need Colombian pesos or U.S. dollars.

Venezuela seeks to restore power amid looting; China offers help

14 Mar 2019

CARACAS/MARACAIBO, Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro's government scrambled on Wednesday to return power to western Venezuela following heavy looting in the country's second largest city, while China offered to help the OPEC-member nation end its worst blackout on record. | Video

Without gas for cremation, even dying is a struggle in Venezuela

05 Dec 2018

CARACAS/MARACAIBO, Venezuela Angelica Vera of Venezuela's western state of Zulia planned to cremate her father's remains after he died of cancer in November because hyperinflation has pushed the cost of funeral services beyond her financial reach.

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