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Venezuelans revamp cars to run on cooking gas amid fuel shortages

1:00pm BST

MARACAIBO, Venezuela, May 28 Venezuelans struggling to cope with chronic fuel shortages are jury-rigging vehicles to run on cooking gas cylinders, a practice industrial safety experts describe as dangerous and which has led to at least one explosion.

Venezuela's gasoline goes from world's cheapest to steepest

26 Apr 2020

PUERTO ORDAZ/MARACAIBO, Venezuela Venezuelans reported paying above $2 per liter ($7.57 per gallon) for gasoline last week amid fuel shortages, one of the world's highest rates and a dramatic reversal for an OPEC nation that long boasted of having the world's cheapest fuel.

Some Venezuelan gas stations empty as government bans queuing to slow coronavirus

19 Mar 2020

MARACAIBO, Venezuela Some gasoline stations in Venezuela were unusually empty on Wednesday, as regional authorities banned queuing for gasoline as part of a nationwide quarantine to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Venezuela expands quarantine as number of coronavirus cases climbs to 33

17 Mar 2020

CARACAS/MARACAIBO, Venezuela Venezuela will implement a nationwide quarantine after detecting 16 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Monday, President Nicolas Maduro said, adding that the total number of cases in the South American country had risen to 33.

Venezuela confirms coronavirus cases amid public health concerns

14 Mar 2020

CARACAS/MARACAIBO Venezuela on Friday confirmed its first two cases of coronavirus amid concerns that the economically struggling South American nation is unprepared to confront a pandemic that is spreading rapidly around the globe.

'Missed his moment': opposition corruption scandal undermines Venezuela's Guaido

03 Dec 2019

CARACAS/MARACAIBO, Venezuela Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's faltering efforts to oust President Nicolas Maduro are facing a new challenge in the form of an influence-peddling scandal that has left disillusioned Venezuelans wondering if Guaido's moment has passed.

In oil-rich region, Venezuelans fear catastrophe if Trump forces Chevron to leave

18 Oct 2019

LA CAÑADA DE URDANETA, Venezuela With the $2 he earns in wages each week working as a cargo driver for Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, 56-year-old Freddy Brito cannot even afford to buy one kilogram (2.2 lb) of cheese.

Drivers wait six days to buy fuel in Venezuela border region

15 Oct 2019

MARACAIBO/SAN CRISTOBAL, Venezuela Venezuelans in border areas are waiting up to six days to fill their cars and some report paying bribes to jump ahead in lines, signalling a return of crippling fuel shortages that have dogged the struggling OPEC nation for much of the year.

Young Venezuelan ball players 'wanted to stay' in U.S.

18 Sep 2019

MARACAIBO, Venezuela While playing for Venezuela in baseball's Little League World Series in the United States last month, 12-year-old Adrian Salcedo ate tacos and Chick-fil-A, donned a virtual reality headset to envision himself hitting home runs in big league ballparks and marvelled at the lush grass of the fields. | Video

Power flickers across Venezuela after worst blackout since March

23 Jul 2019

CARACAS/MARACAIBO, Venezuela Caracas residents woke up on Tuesday with the lights back on after the worst blackout since March knocked out power in half of Venezuela a day earlier, although service remained down in other states and some key oil infrastructure went offline. | Video

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