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EU's Michel floats please-all recovery plan ahead of tough budget summit

10 Jul 2020

BRUSSELS European Council President Charles Michel on Friday sought to bridge gaps between EU countries over their long-term budget and economic stimulus plans before national leaders meet next week to haggle over how to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

EU lawmakers urge Japan to end parental child 'abductions'

09 Jul 2020

BRUSSELS/TOKYO The European Parliament urged Japan to comply with international rules on child protection and to allow for joint parental custody after a number of EU citizens were denied access to their children by Japanese mothers.

EU has failed to halt decline of bees and butterflies, auditors say

09 Jul 2020

BRUSSELS European measures taken to protect bees and butterflies and prevent their decline across the bloc have been largely ineffective, auditors said on Thursday.

Europe maps out green hydrogen vision on path to net-zero

09 Jul 2020

BRUSSELS The European Commission on Wednesday mapped out its vision to promote renewable hydrogen, a sector expected to lure up to 470 billion euros (£420.97 billion) in investment as the European Union strives for net zero emissions by 2050.

EU lawmakers ban nuclear from green transition fund, leave loophole for gas

08 Jul 2020

(This July 6 story, corrects story to clarify in para 3 that the fund would exclude nuclear projects as well as fossil fuels projects such as gas)

EU to boost green hydrogen use for decarbonisation, focus on energy efficiency

08 Jul 2020

BRUSSELS The European Commission on Wednesday unveiled a strategy to scale up renewable hydrogen projects across polluting sectors from chemicals to steel and push for clean fuels and energy efficiency to meet the EU's net-zero emissions goal by 2050.

EU lawmakers agree to include shipping emissions in EU carbon market

07 Jul 2020

BRUSSELS European lawmakers agreed on Tuesday to include international carbon emissions from the maritime sector in the EU carbon market, targeting an industry that does not yet pay for its pollution.

Shipper MSC joins coal plants and Ryanair in top 10 list of EU polluters

03 Jul 2020

BRUSSELS The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) overtook Ryanair in the top 10 rankings of Europe's biggest carbon dioxide emitters in 2019, a list that is still dominated by big coal-fired power plants, European Union data showed.

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