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Mark John

Spillover: world economies' next big headache

27 Sep 2019

LONDON, Factories have been the first victims of the Trump-era global trade rows. Now the question is how much their troubles will spread to other parts of the world's biggest economies: the so-called spillover effect.

Analysis: A big fiscal splash still a step too far for Europe

21 Sep 2019

LONDON, Sept 20 Prodded by worries about the worst global economic outlook in a decade and electorates still smarting from years of austerity, euro zone governments are starting to loosen their budgetary purse strings.

Daily Briefing: Tanker geopolitics in the Med

16 Aug 2019

LONDON Gibraltar's chief minister has indicated the detained Iranian tanker Grace 1 could set sail from the UK territory as early as today, de-escalating a row with Tehran that has assumed much wider geo-political proportions.

Daily Briefing: Corbyn's bid to block no-deal Brexit viewed warily

15 Aug 2019

LONDON British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has urged lawmakers across the spectrum, including rebels in the ruling Conservative Party, to help block a no-deal Brexit by bringing down Boris Johnson and installing him as leader of a caretaker government.

Daily Briefing: Germany wakes up to shrinking GDP

14 Aug 2019

LONDON Rarely do you get more significant numbers than today's flash GDP read-out from Germany. It showed the euro zone's largest economy shrank in the second quarter, caught in the cross-fire of a global trade war that has hit exports.

Daily Briefing: Renzi roadblock for Italian snap election

12 Aug 2019

LONDON Matteo Salvini's push for early elections in Italy has hit a potential roadblock in the shape of Matteo Renzi. The ex-premier and former leader of the Democratic Party, who still wields strong influence over his centre-left party, said on Sunday that going back to the polls just when the government is due to prepare the 2020 budget would be "crazy".

Daily Briefing: On the brink - Salvini wants snap elections

09 Aug 2019

LONDON Italy's government is on the brink of collapse after the leader of the ruling League party, Matteo Salvini, called the governing coalition with 5-Star unworkable and said the only way forward was to hold fresh elections.

Daily Briefing: Brexit nerves weigh on UK employers

08 Aug 2019

LONDON Switzerland's Adecco, which bills itself as world's largest temporary staffing firm, confirms with its Q2 results statement today how much hiring sentiment in Britain is being hit by the Brexit uncertainty. It told Reuters that both temporary and permanent recruitment were falling as companies sought in vain for the clarity needed to push on with their strategies.

Daily Briefing: Let's work together - UK food seeks no-deal waiver

07 Aug 2019

LONDON Britain's food industry is so worried about the impact of no-deal on supplies that they have asked the government to waive chunks of existing competition law, the BBC reports. That, they argue, would at least allow them to coordinate and direct supplies with each other in such a scenario.

Daily Briefing: Zelenskiy show a ratings hit for Ukraine vote

19 Jul 2019

LONDON The party of Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the comedian-turned-politician who became Ukraine's president, looks to have unstoppable momentum ahead of Sunday's parliament vote.

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