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In Paris, historic ties and designer takes on basketball

03 Aug 2018

PARIS France may have won the World Cup and be a football-obsessed nation, but it's the U.S. game of basketball that has some surprisingly old roots and expanding niches in Paris.

For Paris pedestrians, life turns into 'dodgeball'

02 Aug 2018

PARIS Strolling along elegant boulevards is one of the pleasures of visiting Paris. But these days pedestrians and tourists need to keep an eye out for speeding scooters, hoverboards, Segways and bicycles, as well as the sights.

'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' premieres in Paris

12 Jul 2018

PARIS The sixth instalment of spy movie franchise "Mission: Impossible", which sees actor Tom Cruise leap from a military plane 25,000 feet above Paris, premiered on Thursday in the French capital. | Video

After 118 years, Paris to bid 'au revoir' to its Metro tickets

12 Jul 2018

PARIS They've been in use since 1900, when the Paris Metro opened for business, but soon the city's familiar rectangular tickets will become a thing of the past, replaced by a fully automated system similar to the one in London.

Banksy's subversive art draws tourists and locals in Paris

09 Jul 2018

PARIS British graffiti artist Banksy, known for his politically charged sketches on walls from London to New York to Gaza City, has descended on Paris, painting a series of murals that are sparking debate among residents and tourists.

Gritty Paris suburb revels in a local hero, Les Bleus superstar Mbappe

05 Jul 2018

BONDY, France Teenage French striker Kylian Mbappe has been setting the World Cup alight with his searing pace and goal-scoring prowess, marking him out as a NextGen superstar of the sport. | Video

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