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Megan Davies

Gazing into the recession crystal ball

05 Dec 2019

NEW YORK The protracted trade war between China and the United States and a deteriorating global growth outlook have left investors nervous that the longest expansion in American history is at risk of ending.

Fannie, Freddie government lifeline cut could cause economic pain: DoubleLine

07 Nov 2019

NEW YORK The Trump administration's aspiration to end government control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is unlikely to be realized anytime soon, and any weakening of the long-standing government backstop of the mortgage market could hurt housing and the wider economy, said a top investor.

Fund managers avoid risk in fixed income as U.S. growth slows

06 Nov 2019

NEW YORK Fixed income managers are insulating themselves from pockets of risk, positioning their portfolios more defensively as trade tension weighs, the 2020 U.S. elections loom and global growth slows.

Dregs of financial crisis today's jewels - Pimco

06 Nov 2019

NEW YORK More than a decade after risky mortgage lending sparked the financial crisis, some of those same products are creating today's best investment opportunities, Pimco's group chief investment officer, Dan Ivascyn, said on Tuesday.

Expect more money market jitters at year end: fund managers

04 Nov 2019

NEW YORK Investors should expect another bout of money market volatility as the banking system's year-end funding crunch approaches and the Federal Reserve has not arrived at a permanent fix for the problem, top bond market players said on Monday.

Lasry's Avenue seeking $500 million venture debt fund

04 Nov 2019

NEW YORK Marc Lasry's Avenue Capital Group LLC is raising an about $500 million venture debt fund, which could take advantage of a recent reckoning of what fast-growing startups such as WeWork are actually worth.

Negative rates forever? Central bankers look for an exit

21 Oct 2019

WASHINGTON The world's most powerful policymakers are struggling to alleviate the pain of a slowing global economy with few levers left to pull and growing concern that one of them, negative interest rates, already is creating problems of its own.

IMF to examine climate risk to financial markets: official

20 Oct 2019

WASHINGTON The International Monetary Fund is examining the impact of climate on the world's financial markets and whether it is priced into market valuations, the head of the global lender's markets division said on Saturday.

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