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In Michigan, delayed absentee ballots raise more concerns about November U.S. elections

12:58am BST

DETROIT Michele Small, a retired Detroit school teacher recovering from a stroke, had planned to vote by mail for the first time to protect herself from the coronavirus. But the absentee ballot she requested weeks ago never arrived.

Biden assails Trump for 'bald-faced lies' about voting by mail

04 Aug 2020

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Monday that President Donald Trump was telling "bald-faced lies" about voting by mail to distract from his own failures, after Trump last week suggested it could be cause to delay the election. | Video

Factbox: The foreign policy issues that divide Trump and Biden

27 Jul 2020

Republican President Donald Trump won election in 2016 promising to put "America First," overturn what he said were unfair trade deals and force U.S. allies to pay more towards joint defence measures.

Ahead of U.S. election, China braces for rocky ride, potential change

24 Jul 2020

With bilateral relations in free-fall, Beijing is bracing for more turbulence in the run-up to the U.S. election in November, and the possibility that a Joe Biden presidency presents an opportunity to avoid a deeper conflict.

Demokraten rüsten sich für Wahl-Ärger mit Trump - "Der Typ ist zu allem fähig"

23 Jul 2020

Aus Furcht vor rauen Wahlkampfmethoden von US-Präsident Donald Trump bis hin zur Leugnung einer Niederlage wappnen sich die Demokraten mit Vorsichtsmaßnahmen wie noch nie.

Democrats preparing for ‘nightmare scenario’ in which Trump challenges election results

23 Jul 2020

Democrats are mounting their most extensive voter protection effort ever to gird for what Joe Biden called his biggest fear: the prospect that President Donald Trump will try to interfere with the Nov. 3 election or refuse to accept its outcome.

Biden warns of Russian election meddling after receiving intelligence briefings

18 Jul 2020

DETROIT Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said on Friday he is now getting intelligence briefings, and has been told Russia continues to try to meddle in November's U.S. election.

Young Americans turn out to protest. Democrats hope they will vote, too

26 Jun 2020

Quintez Brown took to the streets in Kentucky to join many Americans in protesting against racial injustice after the death of George Floyd, a Black man in police custody last month.

Republican 'law and order' appeal prompts U.S. #IAmASuburbanMom backlash

09 Jun 2020

When a senior Republican state lawmaker demanded that Minnesota's Democratic governor apologize to "moms out in the suburbs scared to death" about protests over racism and police brutality, Jamie Becker-Finn responded on Twitter with the "#IAmASuburbanMom" hashtag.

Protests elevate Bottoms and Demings as possible Biden running mates

01 Jun 2020

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and U.S. Representative Val Demings of Florida have risen in prominence amid protests against police brutality as Joe Biden weighs whether to choose a black woman as his Democratic running mate for November's presidential election.

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