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Mike Dolan

Daily Briefing: Revolt brews in no-deal Brexit showdown

22 Feb 2019

LONDON After some suggestions early in the day that Theresa May could be ready to send a tweaked Brexit deal back to parliament for approval next week, Downing Street finished Thursday by suggesting that did not look likely.

Daily Briefing: Signs of Brexit movement, of sorts

21 Feb 2019

LONDON There was a barely perceptible sense of movement coming out of British PM Theresa May's dash to Brussels last night, which yielded a joint statement with the EU speaking of the need for "appropriate legal assurance to both sides".

Daily Briefing: Spain set to try again for workable government

15 Feb 2019

LONDON Spain may well be entering a new period of political uncertainty from today if, as widely expected, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez calls a snap general election later this morning.

Daily Briefing: Parliament in restive mood over Brexit stalemate

14 Feb 2019

LONDON Tonight's Brexit voting in the UK parliament will at most serve as a guide to the mood in the restive assembly after PM Theresa May's move to once again delay the real moment of truth until the end of the month.

Daily Briefing: Spain - a spring election beckons

13 Feb 2019

LONDON Spain's minority government is dropping hints that it will call an early general election if, as expected, it loses a vote on the budget due today.

Daily Briefing: Catalonia - still troubled terrain for Spain

12 Feb 2019

LONDON Spanish politics resemble a minefield these days. A soon-to-be-confirmed government plan to remove the remains of fascist dictator Francisco Franco to a less monumental resting place raises passions over 40 years after his death.

Daily Briefing: Washington rediscovers central Europe

11 Feb 2019

LONDON In the 2000s, Washington was sending top diplomats to central Europe on almost a monthly basis as it avidly promoted the region's aspirations to mould itself into European Union and NATO structures after the collapse of communism. But a sense of "job done" took over after NATO's expansion eastwards was completed and the United States turned its foreign policy attention to Asia.

Daily Briefing: May's Brexit dash - not a hope in hell?

07 Feb 2019

LONDON If Donald Tusk's "special place in hell" tirade reflects the frustration felt in Brussels with Britain's Brexit planning, that does not bode well for Theresa May's trip there today to seek changes to the Irish backstop.

Daily Briefing: May takes Brexit quandary to Belfast

05 Feb 2019

LONDON Britain's Theresa May heads to Northern Ireland today for a two-day tightrope walk over the infamous backstop, the deal under which the UK must remain in a customs union with the European Union until new arrangements are found ensuring there is no north-south Irish border post-Brexit.

Daily Briefing: Buoyant start after jobs boost

04 Feb 2019

LONDON The warm glow from a forecast-busting U.S. employment report and January ISM business survey have buoyed world markets early on Monday, even if a holiday week in China and across Asia subdued trading activity.

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