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Mike Dolan

Column: Euro's rise not 'brutal' enough, yet

31 Jul 2020

LONDON The speed of the euro's 10% surge against the dollar over the past 100 trading days is aping the sort of 'brutal' currency moves the European Central Bank has moaned about in the past.

Column: Rare pause in tech appetite suggests some indigestion

29 Jul 2020

LONDON Having already brushed aside the pandemic to recapture record highs, the expansion of the high-flying technology sector as a share of overall investment indices is prompting some concerns about over-exposure.

Column: How herding and inertia cork volatility in perilous time

24 Jul 2020

LONDON Economic and political uncertainty have never been deeper in the lifetimes of most investors and yet investor behaviour surrounding such chronic anxiety may, counter-intuitively, be suppressing market volatility.

Column: Stock markets in sight of vaunted 'V' - now it's time to discriminate

22 Jul 2020

LONDON World stocks have all but completed the much vaunted "V-shaped" recovery from the pandemic shock, anticipating a substantial healing of the global economy over 12-18 months. But discrimination between markets is now increasing.

Column: The end of bonds as ballast?

03 Jul 2020

LONDON The days of using safe bonds as ballast for equity-heavy investment portfolios may now be numbered for many investors - though what replaces them is a much more complicated business.

Column: One hundred years of certitude? FAANG-like century bonds clean up

01 Jul 2020

LONDON Investors who snapped up Austria's first "century bond" three years ago would have so far doubled their money, outpacing the racy Nasdaq composite with a total return of 101% in dollar terms.

Column: U.S. election adds another twist to sterling's Brexit blues

26 Jun 2020

LONDON With no silver lining in the Brexit cloud weighing on sterling, November's U.S. presidential election is now emerging as yet another potential drag on a much-unloved British pound.

Column: Emerging markets' dollar woes abate, but post-pandemic pain looms

24 Jun 2020

LONDON Emerging markets have breathed a sigh of relief at the easing of the dollar-funding shock that accompanied COVID-19, but the respite may be temporary as the post-pandemic landscape looks more unfriendly than ever before for developing economies.

Column: Pandemic prises open inflation information gap

19 Jun 2020

LONDON Like the coronavirus, the big problem with inflation during the pandemic is how little we know about it, an information gap which is forcing central banks to act now and ask questions later.

Column: Second-wave wobble reveals more about markets than the virus

17 Jun 2020

LONDON It's hard to find an investor who hadn't already assumed some form of second wave of COVID-19 when economies reopen, so why did stock markets panic at the hint of a relapse last week?

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