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Mike Dolan

Daily Briefing: After Brexit, Europe turns its gaze to Asia

8:40am BST

LONDON European leaders wind down their talks in Brussels today by meeting their Asian counterparts in an EU-Asia summit intended to show multilateral cooperation still lives on in the Trump era.

Daily Briefing: No breakthrough, no row at Brexit summit

18 Oct 2018

LONDON British PM Theresa May's encounter with her EU peers yielded nothing materially new, as expected, but at least the post-summit mood appears to be less poisonous than that after the Salzburg meeting of a few weeks back.

Daily Briefing: Sort your side out, EU to tell May

17 Oct 2018

LONDON European Union leaders will firmly tell Theresa May it is up to her to sort out divisions in her own government over Brexit when she addresses them before their summit dinner in Brussels tonight.

Daily Briefing: Brexit - May's waiting game

16 Oct 2018

LONDON British PM Theresa May's cabinet meets today with the all-too-familiar Brexit cloud hanging over it.

Daily Briefing: Merkel allies suffer in Bavaria

15 Oct 2018

LONDON How toxic is it to be in Angela Merkel's coalition? Certainly both her partners performed poorly in yesterday's Bavarian election, with the right-wing CSU losing its accustomed majority and the centre-left slipping below 10 percent.

Daily Briefing: Trade tensions dampen German outlook

11 Oct 2018

LONDON IMF chief Christine Lagarde stepped up warnings on the perils of trade and currency wars at the Fund's annual meeting in Bali overnight, describing them as a lose-lose for all concerned.

Daily Briefing: Brexit parliamentary arithmetic in full swing

10 Oct 2018

LONDON Even before any Brexit deal has been concluded between the UK and Brussels, attention is turning to whether it will get through a delicately balanced UK parliament.

Daily Briefing: Border deal - DUP's Foster heads to Brussels

09 Oct 2018

LONDON Arlene Foster, head of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party which props up Theresa May's government, heads to Brussels today for three days of potentially decisive talks in the Brexit saga.

Daily Briefing: UK vows crackdown on Russian intelligence operations

04 Oct 2018

LONDON Britain issued statements overnight accusing Russian military intelligence of directing a host of cyber attacks aimed at undermining Western democracies by sowing confusion in everything from sport to transport and the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Russia has yet to respond but has in the past repeatedly denied such accusations.

Daily Briefing: May aims to stave off leadership questions

03 Oct 2018

LONDON After last year's disastrous performance (remember the coughing fit and the disintegrating stage decor?), Britain's Theresa May looks set to play it safe with her keynote speech to party conference today.

World News

Turkey says it has not shared Khashoggi audio with anyone

Turkey has not shared audio recordings said to document the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, its foreign minister said on Friday, dismissing reports it had passed them on to the United States.