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Mike Dolan

Daily Briefing: Benign Fed papers over political risks

9:10am GMT

LONDON The Federal Reserve made all the right noises to keep world markets pumped up overnight and global stock indices are back near record highs, even though the latest reports indicate a significant chance the United States will go ahead with its planned tariff increases on another $160 billion of Chinese consumer goods on Sunday.

Daily Briefing: UK election no foregone conclusion

11 Dec 2019

LONDON The high-flying pound had its wings singed overnight as the latest opinion poll projections cast some doubt over what had seemed to be an assured election win for the ruling Conservative Party on Thursday.

Daily Briefing: Elusive peak

10 Dec 2019

LONDON The new record just won’t give. The packed week of key events for world markets has kept MSCI’s all-country world index just shy of record peaks once again, with the index retreating overnight after coming within 0.3% of January 2018’s all-time peak.

Daily Briefing: Sterling surges ahead of UK election

09 Dec 2019

LONDON Sterling is the big mover first thing as we enter a critical week for world markets. The pound surging to 2-1/2 year highs against the euro and 7-month highs on the dollar, with traders increasingly confident the ruling Conservative Party will be returned to power with an overall parliamentary majority in Thursday’s UK election.

Daily Briefing: Keeping the faith amid December deadlines

05 Dec 2019

LONDON Markets appear intent on keeping faith into the end of the year amid trade war headlines, today’s OPEC meeting, a disappointing report on German industry, surging sterling and worries in UK commercial property.

Daily Briefing: Trump's total trade war?

04 Dec 2019

LONDON The prospect of another 12 months of trade war between Washington and Beijing is enough to drive global markets, not to mention international businesses, to despair.

Daily Briefing: Trade sabres rattling again

03 Dec 2019

LONDON The market assumption of trade peace has been premature at best. World markets skirting record highs over recent weeks had priced to assume an imminent truce in the U.S.-China trade war that would underline a fourth-quarter trough in global industrial sentiment.

Daily Briefing: Roadblock on Thanksgiving

28 Nov 2019

LONDON World stock markets stalled overnight as U.S.-China tensions over Hong Kong re-emerged on the eve of Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday stateside.

Daily Briefing: Inching towards records

27 Nov 2019

LONDON Global stock indices were inching closer to record highs on Wednesday as Wall Street’s main benchmarks clocked up new gains and the ViX equity volatility index, the so-called fear gauge, dropped to seven-month lows.

Daily Briefing: Up, up and away

26 Nov 2019

LONDON World markets hit their highest level in almost two years on Tuesday, in the slipstream of new records on Wall St overnight and putting MSCI’s all-country wold index on course for 20%+ gains for only the third time in past decade.

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