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Mike Dolan

Daily Briefing: Brexit stalemate as May heads to Brussels

13 Dec 2018

LONDON Those hoping that last night's confidence vote in Theresa May would bring some clarity to the Brexit process will be sorely disappointed. Like in some pointless 19th century duel, both combatants have emerged standing but badly wounded.

Daily Briefing: Moment of truth for May leadership arrives

12 Dec 2018

LONDON It has now been confirmed that Conservative lawmakers have put in enough letters of no-confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May to trigger a vote on her leadership.

Daily Briefing: Hemmed-in May plays for time

11 Dec 2018

LONDON Faced with heavy defeat for her Brexit plan in parliament, Theresa May chose to call off the vote and play for time.

Daily Briefing: ECJ rules on Brexit as May heads for vote

10 Dec 2018

LONDON The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has just ruled that Britain can end Brexit unilaterally, a ruling that could play into the unpredictable Brexit-related events of the next 48 hours.

Daily Briefing: A new face for the post-Merkel era

07 Dec 2018

LONDON Germany's ruling Christian Democrats vote to replace Angela Merkel as their leader today, with the successful candidate then a hot favourite to become a future chancellor.

Daily Briefing: Street rules OK in France

06 Dec 2018

LONDON The policies of French President Emmanuel Macron's government look increasingly directed by the street.

Daily Briefing: Brexit questions mount after government defeats

05 Dec 2018

LONDON The consensus on yesterday’s humiliating defeats for the government over Brexit is that a no-deal Brexit is somewhat less likely and Theresa May’s government has been weakened by lawmakers claiming back power for parliament.

Daily Briefing: Brexit moment of truth arriving at last

04 Dec 2018

LONDON Today's parliamentary debate on Brexit marks the start of a process which over coming weeks should finally lift the fug of uncertainty over Britain's future place in Europe - at least, that is what voters, business and plenty of capitals around the EU hope.

Daily Briefing: Spain gets its far-right shock

03 Dec 2018

LONDON Spain, where memories of the military dictatorship of Francisco Franco abide, long resisted the rise of far-right parties seen elsewhere in Europe. Now the nationalist Vox party has won seats in the local assembly of Andalusia, the southern region that has one of Europe's highest unemployment rates and is the entry point for thousands of Africans reaching Spain by sea.

Daily Briefing: Consensus elusive as G20 meets

30 Nov 2018

LONDON This year's G20 summit starting today in Buenos Aires looks even more troubled than last year's, with delegations reporting a struggle to agree on anything meaningful for the final communique.

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