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South Korea radar and thermal camera system warns 'smartphone zombies' of traffic

19 Mar 2019

ILSAN, South Korea A city in South Korea, which has the world's highest smartphone penetration rate, has installed flickering lights and laser beams at a road crossing to warn "smartphone zombies" to look up and drivers to slow down, in the hope of preventing accidents. | Video

Like a son but cheaper: harried South Koreans pamper pets instead of having kids

24 Jan 2019

SEOUL Kang Sung-il buys Sancho, his Pomeranian, a toy every business trip and this Lunar New Year holiday will dress him up in a new $50 suit to visit 'grandma', Kang's mother. | Video

South Koreans lock themselves up to escape prison of daily life

23 Nov 2018

HONGCHEON, South Korea For most people, prison is a place to escape from. For South Koreans in need of a break from the demands of everyday life, a day in a faux jail is the escape. | Video

New generations sustain South Korean church’s mass weddings

27 Aug 2018

GAPYEONG, South Korea Twenty-five years after her parents were married, Iasmin Lumibao traveled from Macau to South Korea to follow in their footsteps and marry alongside thousands of others in a mass wedding that has come to exemplify the South Korea-based Unification Church. | Video

South Korea's diehard Trump supporters hail 'guardian of liberty'

06 Aug 2018

SEOUL Every time an image of U.S. President Donald Trump appears on TV in South Korea, 69-year-old Vietnam War veteran Chung Seung-jin solemnly salutes. | Video

Wailing fans bid farewell to South Korean singer, officials flag suicide concerns

21 Dec 2017

SEOUL Grief-stricken fans braved Seoul's winter cold on Thursday to bid farewell to Kim Jong-hyun, the lead singer of top South Korean boy band SHINee, but his apparent suicide fuelled health officials' concern about copycat bids. | Video

Mission intangible - 'Warm-hearted' Koreans serve up super-spicy kimchi for a cause

03 Nov 2017

SEOUL Plunging their pink-gloved hands into cartons of cabbages, and slathering the vegetables with a bright-red sauce, more than 2,300 people on Friday got to grips with making the spicy, fermented Korean staple of kimchi.

S.Koreans wowed by grandma's diary of online makeup tips, life skills

16 Jul 2017

YONGIN, South Korea, July 16 She gives tutorials on applying makeup so as to resemble Amy Winehouse, among others, and posts videos of attempts to try new activities such as kayaking, all spiced with a touch of humour.

Angry and THAAD - South Koreans shave heads to protest U.S. missile defence system

15 Aug 2016

SEONGJU, South Korea About 900 South Koreans shaved their heads on Monday to protest against a government decision to place a missile defence system designed to counter North Korean missile threats, in the southeastern county of Seongju. | Video

Forget selfies: South Koreans capture moments with 3D figures

06 Aug 2016

SEOUL, Aug 6 Shooting photographs and storing them digitally has become old school for South Koreans taking imagery to the next level with three-dimensional (3D) figures of themselves, as well as their babies and pets.

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