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Chilean lawmakers reject move to impeach President Pinera over rights abuses

12 Dec 2019

SANTIAGO Chilean lawmakers on Thursday rejected a bid to oust President Sebastian Pinera over allegations he failed to safeguard human rights during weeks of deadly riots, a small victory for the embattled leader as he pushes for reforms to quell protesters' demands.

Walmart Chile pulls court requests for police protection, but warns looting continues

09 Dec 2019

SANTIAGO Walmart in Chile on Monday pulled requests it filed earlier with Chilean courts demanding police protection for its supermarkets, but said looting of its stores continued and that the situation following weeks of unrest remained "complex."

'Chile awakened' - Graffiti across shattered city reflects protest intensity

26 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO A month of intense protests against inequality and police repression in Santiago have transformed the Chilean capital's streetscape into a caterwaul of graffiti whose messages reflect the deep discontent in this once genteel Latin American city.

Chile's interior minister - turning down heat on streets won't make us less accountable

23 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Chile's interior minister on Friday made an appeal for peace and the "recovery of public order" after a fresh round of protests and riots around the country left shops and public buildings looted and burned, the capital's transport system disrupted and at least 100 more people injured.

Chile foresees 'difficult' wildfire season ahead, fears more arson

19 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Chile faces a "very difficult" season of wildfires because of high temperatures, a persistent drought and an increase in arson, Agriculture Minister Antonio Walker said on Tuesday, adding to the woes of a country damaged by violent socio-economic protests in the past month.

Chile to re-write Pinochet-era constitution in win for protesters

13 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO The Chilean government has agreed to write a new constitution to replace one dating back to the Pinochet dictatorship, bowing to demands of protesters who have taken to the streets in often violent demonstrations in recent weeks.

Chile prosecutor seeks to investigate claims of police torture of protesters

07 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO A Chilean prosecutor on Wednesday said he would seek court approval to investigate 14 police officers for allegedly torturing protesters during almost three weeks of intense unrest and rioting in the country.

Explainer: Chile's constitutional conundrum: To change or not to change?

06 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO The social revolt that exploded into violence in Chile 20 days ago has brought old social, economic and political demands back onto the table.

Chile cancels APEC trade summit and major climate gathering after riots

31 Oct 2019

SANTIAGO Chile withdrew on Wednesday as the host of an APEC summit next month at which the United States and China had been expected to sign a deal to ease a trade war that has hurt the global economy, as raging street protests gripped the South American country. | Video

Chile mining, manufacturing output drops in September

30 Oct 2019

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 30 Chile's manufacturing production dropped 1.5% compared with the same month the previous year amid a decrease in mining production in the same period of 5.4%, government data showed on Wednesday.

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