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Chilean finance minister sees economic impact of coronavirus as 'limited'

26 Feb 2020

SANTIAGO, Feb 26 Chile's finance minister, Ignacio Briones, said on Wednesday he expected the coronavirus outbreak to have a "limited" impact on the country's economy despite its dependence on China for the export of its key commodity, copper.

Hyundai says $740 million Chilean bridge project on track after cost dispute

17 Feb 2020

SANTIAGO, Feb 17 South Korea's Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co Ltd said on Monday it has resolved a dispute with the Chilean government over a $740 million suspension bridge in a deal that had required it to "give up its rights" in various areas.

Catholic clergy abuse victim leads drive to shakeup establishment politics in Chile

27 Jan 2020

SANTIAGO A Chilean sexual abuse victim who took on the Catholic Church has announced plans to form a new political party, one of several that has emerged since protests rocked the country late last year.

Chilean university admissions tests hit by fresh protests

06 Jan 2020

SANTIAGO University entrance exams to be taken by 300,000 students around Chile were disrupted in some cities on Monday by fresh protests over inequality and elitism, with some students blocking access to test sites and burning exam papers.

Wildfire in Chilean port city of Valparaiso leaves 700 homeless

27 Dec 2019

SANTIAGO More than 245 homes have been destroyed and 700 people left destitute after a forest fire tore through a low-income area of the Chilean seaside city of Valparaiso on Christmas Eve. | Video

Pope names new Santiago Archbishop to deal with aftermath of abuse scandal in Chile

27 Dec 2019

SANTIAGO Pope Francis on Friday confirmed a Spanish priest as the new archbishop of Chile's capital Santiago, as the Vatican seeks to turn the page on a sexual abuse scandal that has shaken its standing and eroded support in the conservative Latin nation.

Chile's Pinera inks law for vote on new constitution

24 Dec 2019

SANTIAGO Chile's President Sebastian Pinera on Monday signed off on a referendum to be held on a new constitution, which he vowed would generate a "solid, compassionate and legitimate framework" that would help reunify the country after nine weeks of intense protest over inequality and elitism.

Chilean lawmakers approve popular vote on Pinochet-era constitution

19 Dec 2019

SANTIAGO Chile's Congress on Thursday gave the green light to a referendum on changing the country's constitution next year, a central demand of protesters whose mobilizations brought the nation virtually to a standstill over the past eight weeks.

Chilean lawmakers reject move to impeach President Pinera over rights abuses

12 Dec 2019

SANTIAGO Chilean lawmakers on Thursday rejected a bid to oust President Sebastian Pinera over allegations he failed to safeguard human rights during weeks of deadly riots, a small victory for the embattled leader as he pushes for reforms to quell protesters' demands.

Walmart Chile pulls court requests for police protection, but warns looting continues

09 Dec 2019

SANTIAGO Walmart in Chile on Monday pulled requests it filed earlier with Chilean courts demanding police protection for its supermarkets, but said looting of its stores continued and that the situation following weeks of unrest remained "complex."

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