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Nazanine Moshiri

New African-made films challenge Hollywood stereotypes

16 Oct 2020

NAIROBI/LAGOS Producers of two African-made films premiering on Netflix this month believe their work will show there's subscriber appetite for movies that go deeper than the Hollywood stereotypes that often make African viewers groan.

Millions of African children rely on TV education during pandemic

16 Sep 2020

NAIROBI Five-year-old Kenyan student Miguel Munene sits between his parents, holding their hands as he watches cartoon characters teaching him to pronounce "fish". | Video

'Hotel Rwanda' hero's family calls for an international trial

02 Sep 2020

NAIROBIThe family of Paul Rusesabagina - hailed a hero in a Hollywood movie about Rwanda's 1994 genocide but detained by Kigali this week, has demanded he be tried in an international court, his son said on Wednesday. | Video

Scientists harvest more eggs from near-extinct northern white rhino

19 Aug 2020

NAIROBI Scientists racing to save the northern white rhino from extinction have harvested 10 more eggs from the last two females alive which they hope will help create viable embryos that can be incubated by other rhinos acting as surrogates. | Video

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In final Trump-Biden showdown, less chaos but plenty of clashes

U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden offered sharply contrasting views on the still-raging coronavirus pandemic at Thursday's final presidential debate, seeking to persuade the few remaining undecided voters 12 days before their Nov. 3 contest.