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Cuban government imposes price controls as it seeks to keep lid on inflation

15 Aug 2019

HAVANA Communist-run Cuba has imposed price controls on goods and services ranging from lemons and pork to haircuts and taxi fares in what it says is an effort to tame inflation as it increases state wages and pensions.

Cuban officials attend funeral service for Cardinal Ortega

28 Jul 2019

HAVANA Cuban government and Communist Party officials attended funeral services for Roman Catholic Cardinal Jaime Ortega on Sunday in a testament to his success in elevating the Church's position on the Caribbean island after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega, leading political figure, dead at 82

26 Jul 2019

HAVANA Roman Catholic Cardinal Jaime Ortega, who came to leverage a rare level of political influence in Cuba for someone outside the Communist Party and played a key role in the island's now-defunct detente with the United States, died on Friday at the age of 82.

Cuba sees tourism dropping 8.5% due to Trump travel restrictions

11 Jul 2019

HAVANA Tourism to Cuba will likely drop 8.5% this year in the wake of tighter U.S. restrictions on travel to the Caribbean island, the government said on Thursday, and the decline in arrivals will further hurt Cuba's already ailing centrally planned economy.

Cruise line Carnival seeks dismissal of U.S. lawsuits over Cuba docks

01 Jun 2019

HAVANA Cruise line Carnival Corp is asking a U.S. court to dismiss lawsuits that claim the company profited from confiscated Cuban property, the first such cases brought since the Trump administration made them possible this month.

Cuba to ration more products due to economic crisis, U.S. sanctions

10 May 2019

HAVANA Communist-run Cuba said on Friday it would control more the sales of certain foodstuff and hygiene products, including adding some back to the ration card, due to shortages that it blamed partly on the tightening of the U.S. trade embargo.

Cubans dismayed Canada halting visa processing in Havana

09 May 2019

HAVANA Cubans were dismayed on Thursday to learn Canada's embassy in Havana was no longer processing visa applications due to staffing cutbacks over unexplained health incidents among Canadian and U.S. diplomats in the Cuban capital.

Foreign businesses at Cuba tourism fair defy new Trump sanctions

08 May 2019

HAVANA Foreign companies operating in Cuba's tourism sector said at an industry fair this week they would continue investing in the Caribbean's largest island despite new U.S. sanctions designed to choke its already beleaguered economy.

Carnival first company sued for profiting from expropriated Cuban property

02 May 2019

HAVANA Carnival Corp on Thursday became the first company sued for profiting from expropriated Cuban property as the Trump administration piles new sanctions on the Communist-run nation for supporting Venezuela's embattled government.

Cubans protest U.S. sanctions as Trump raises pressure on Venezuela

01 May 2019

HAVANA Millions of Cubans took to the streets on Wednesday in protest over new sanctions imposed on the Caribbean island by the Trump administration and U.S. efforts to topple the government of socialist ally Venezuela.

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