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'Viva Felipe!': Communist-run Cuba welcomes Spanish king

12 Nov 2019

HAVANA With cries of "Viva Felipe!" and "Viva Espana!" Cubans greeted King Felipe in Old Havana, the first state visit ever by a Spanish monarch to Cuba, Spain's former colony turned Communist-run nation.

Cuba paying restructured Western debt despite crisis: official

05 Nov 2019

HAVANA Cash-strapped Cuba has begun paying a fourth installment on its renegotiated $2.6 billion debt to 14 creditor nations, and its chief debt negotiator, Ricardo Cabrisas, told Reuters this week that all payments would be made, even if a bit late.

As Cuba seeks hard currency, dollar stores reopen after 15 years

29 Oct 2019

HAVANA Cubans flocked to a dozen shops that opened in Havana on Monday selling home appliances and spare parts for cars in dollars, as the cash-strapped government struggles to rake in tradable currency to purchase imports and pay its debts. | Video

Cuba reshuffles to improve governance, old guard removed from council of state

10 Oct 2019

HAVANA Cuba started implementing a government reshuffle aimed at improving governance on Thursday, naming Miguel Diaz-Canel to the new position of president of the Republic and removing the last of the revolutionary generation from the council of state.

Russia's Medvedev slams U.S. for Cuba embargo during Havana trip

03 Oct 2019

HAVANA/MOSCOW Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev lambasted the Trump administration on Thursday for trying to create a "toxic atmosphere" around Cuba, during a two-day trip to the island demonstrating Russia's support for its Communist government.

Amid crippling sanctions, Cuba deploys oxen, wood-fired ovens to overcome fuel crisis

20 Sep 2019

HAVANA Cuba is deploying oxen to replace tractors, using wood instead of gas at many state bakeries and advising citizens to save electricity by making the most of daylight as it grapples with an acute fuel shortage amid U.S. sanctions.

Cuba's acute fuel shortage begins to bite

13 Sep 2019

HAVANA Cubans queued for hours for public transport on Friday at peak times in Havana, sweating in the heavy heat, while queues at gas stations snaked several blocks long, as a fuel shortage that the government blames on U.S. sanctions began to bite.

Cuba says battling acute fuel shortage due to U.S. sanctions

12 Sep 2019

HAVANA Cuba must implement emergency measures to stave off an acute fuel shortage in September caused by the Trump administration's efforts to block oil shipments to the country, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Wednesday.

Cuban government imposes price controls as it seeks to keep lid on inflation

15 Aug 2019

HAVANA Communist-run Cuba has imposed price controls on goods and services ranging from lemons and pork to haircuts and taxi fares in what it says is an effort to tame inflation as it increases state wages and pensions.

Cuban officials attend funeral service for Cardinal Ortega

28 Jul 2019

HAVANA Cuban government and Communist Party officials attended funeral services for Roman Catholic Cardinal Jaime Ortega on Sunday in a testament to his success in elevating the Church's position on the Caribbean island after the fall of the Soviet Union.

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