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Nidal al-Mughrabi

Gaza death toll reaches 23 in second day of escalation

3:04pm GMT

JERUSALEM/GAZA Israeli air strikes killed 13 Palestinians in Gaza on Wednesday, medical officials said, raising the Palestinian death toll to 23 over a two-day escalation in violence since Israel launched strikes to kill an Islamic Jihad commander.

Israel kills Islamic Jihad commander, rockets rain from Gaza

12 Nov 2019

GAZA/JERUSALEM Israel killed a top commander from the Iranian-backed Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad on Tuesday in the Gaza Strip, drawing day-long rocket salvoes in the worst cross-border fighting in months. | Video

Israel tötet Islamisten-Anführer - Tel Aviv unter Raketenbeschuss

12 Nov 2019

Gaza-Stadt/Jerusalem Nach Israels gezielter Tötung eines Befehlshabers der Extremistengruppe Islamischer Dschihad im Gazastreifen droht eine neue Eskalation des Nahostkonflikts.

Head of U.N. Palestinian refugee agency quits amid misconduct inquiry

06 Nov 2019

JERUSALEM/GAZA The head of a U.N. agency that aids Palestinian refugees resigned on Wednesday, the United Nations said, amid an investigation into misconduct allegations.

War and poverty drive Gazans to seek better life in Europe despite dangers

29 Aug 2019

GAZA Shaban Khalaf's advice to any other Gazans thinking of heading to Europe in search of a better life, as he did, is blunt: don't bother - it's not worth the danger and the expense.

Explosions hit Gaza police checkpoints, three dead - officials

28 Aug 2019

GAZA Explosions hit two police checkpoints in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, killing three officers and wounding several other Palestinians, the Hamas-run interior ministry said, declaring a state of emergency after the blasts.

U.N. Palestinian refugee agency seeks donations as funding slips

27 Aug 2019

GAZA The head of a U.N. agency supporting Palestinian refugees, which is under an investigation over suspected internal misconduct, said on Tuesday it still needed $150 million in donations to keep it operating until the end of this year.

Qatari envoy says Israel, Hamas committed to truce despite violence

24 Aug 2019

GAZA Israel and the Islamist group Hamas have no desire to go to war despite an uptick in violence, the Qatari envoy who helped mediate a truce between the sides along the volatile Gaza border, said on Saturday.

From checkpoint to counterpoint: on tour with the Palestine Youth Orchestra

22 Aug 2019

JERUSALEM Most international musicians would baulk at the notion of a two-day journey to final rehearsals past military checkpoints on alert for weapons smugglers - but for 19-year-old viola player Ibrahim Masri it's an occupational hazard.

Gazans too poor to afford sheep for Eid sacrifice under blockade, Israel cash row

08 Aug 2019

GAZA Ali usually marks the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha with his family in the Gaza Strip by sacrificing a sheep, a customary annual ritual for those who can spare the cost.

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