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Creators of gene 'scissors' clinch Nobel as women sweep chemistry

13 Oct 2020

STOCKHOLM/BERLIN Two scientists won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday for creating genetic 'scissors' that can rewrite the code of life, contributing to new cancer therapies and holding out the prospect of curing hereditary diseases. | Video

Black hole discoveries win 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics

06 Oct 2020

STOCKHOLM/BERLIN Three scientists who unravelled some of the deep mysteries of black holes, the awe-inspiring pockets of the universe where space and time cease to exist, have won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics. | Video

SAS-Accord sur un plan de sauvetage de €1,4 milliard

30 Jun 2020

30 juin La compagnie aérienne scandinave SAS a conclu un accord portant sur un montant de 14,25 milliards de couronnes suédoises (1,36 milliard d’euros) avec ses principaux actionnaires, dont la Suède et le Danemark, pour consolider ses finances, fragilisées par l'effondrement du transport aérien pendant la pandémie de coronavirus.

Airline SAS agrees $1.5 billion financial boost with investors

30 Jun 2020

STOCKHOLM Scandinavian airline SAS has agreed a 14.25 billion Swedish crown ($1.5 billion) plan with top shareholders including Sweden and Denmark to shore up its finances against the collapse in air travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic pushes H&M into deep loss, recovery outlook unclear

26 Jun 2020

STOCKHOLM H&M , the world's second-biggest fashion retailer, swung into a steep loss in its March-May quarter and said its recovery outlook was uncertain, although trade had resumed faster than feared as pandemic lockdowns ease and stores reopen. | Video

Doubts remain as Sweden closes case of Palme assassination after 34 years

10 Jun 2020

STOCKHOLM A Swedish prosecutor closed the case of the assassination of Prime Minister Olof Palme after 34 years on Wednesday, accusing a graphic designer who died two decades ago of the country's most notorious unsolved crime. | Video

Estudio de anticuerpos en Suecia muestra un largo camino hacia la inmunidad frente al coronavirus

20 May 2020

ESTOCOLMO, 20 mayo Un estudio sueco encontró que sólo el 7,3 por ciento de los habitantes de Estocolmo desarrollaron anticuerpos contra COVID-19 a finales de abril, lo que podría avivar la preocupación de que la decisión de no hacer cuarentenas en Suecia contra la pandemia pueda traer poca inmunidad de rebaño en un futuro próximo.

Swedish antibody study shows long road to immunity as COVID-19 toll mounts

20 May 2020

STOCKHOLM A Swedish study found that just 7.3 percent of Stockholmers developed COVID-19 antibodies by late April, which could fuel concern that a decision not to lock down Sweden against the pandemic may bring little herd immunity in the near future.

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