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Trio wins economics Nobel for science-based poverty fight

14 Oct 2019

STOCKHOLM U.S.-based economists Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer won the 2019 Nobel Economics Prize on Monday for work fighting poverty that has helped millions of children by favoring practical steps over theory. | Video

Austria's Handke and Poland's Tokarczuk win Nobel literature prizes

11 Oct 2019

STOCKHOLM Austrian writer Peter Handke won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday and Polish author Olga Tokarczuk was named as the 2018 winner after a sexual assault scandal led to last year's award being postponed. | Video

Battery pioneers who made mobile revolution possible win Nobel chemistry prize

09 Oct 2019

STOCKHOLM/LONDON Three scientists have won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for putting power in peoples pockets by developing rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which made the global information technology, mobile and fossil-fuel free revolutions possible. | Video

Science of far-away planets and infant universe wins Nobel prize

08 Oct 2019

STOCKHOLM/LONDON Canadian-American cosmologist James Peebles and Swiss scientists Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics on Tuesday for revealing the wonder of the evolution of the universe and discovering planets orbiting distant suns. | Video

Nobel Medicine Prize won by doctors for work on cells' response to oxygen

08 Oct 2019

STOCKHOLM/LONDON Two Americans and a Briton won the 2019 Nobel Medicine Prize on Monday for discovering a molecular switch that regulates how cells adapt to fluctuating oxygen levels, opening up new approaches to treating heart failure, anaemia and cancer. | Video

Swedbank cuts dividend amid money laundering fallout

17 Jul 2019

STOCKHOLM Swedbank will cut the amount of dividends it pays from profits and has set new targets to strengthen its capital as the bank faces fallout from a Baltic money laundering scandal.

Swedish central bank holds rates and forecast, but signals risks abroad

03 Jul 2019

STOCKHOLM Sweden's central bank left its benchmark interest rate unchanged on Wednesday and said it still expected to tighten policy by early 2020, though it highlighted the global economic outlook as a risk to that forecast.

Sweden's Northvolt raises $1 billion to complete funding for mammoth battery plant

12 Jun 2019

STOCKHOLM Automakers Volkswagen and BMW are among the investors in Europe's biggest lithium-ion battery plant, Sweden's Northvolt said on Wednesday after it raised $1 billion in equity capital to complete funding for the facility.

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