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Coronavirus surges on Colombia's Caribbean coast, doctors warn deaths underreported

05 Jul 2020

BOGOTA Coronavirus cases and deaths are surging along Colombia's Caribbean coast as the region becomes the epicenter of the pandemic in the Andean country, with doctors warning many deaths are going undetected.

What pandemic? Colombians shop during VAT-free day amid coronavirus quarantine

19 Jun 2020

BOGOTA Hundreds of thousands of Colombians braved lengthy lines on Friday to take advantage of a one-day lifting of sales tax, even amid a coronavirus quarantine and nearly 10,000 new confirmed infections in just five days.

Colombia economy contracts 20% in April under coronavirus impact

18 Jun 2020

BOGOTA Colombia's economy contracted 20.06% in April versus the same month last year - its largest fall on record - as the country suffered the fallout of a national coronavirus lockdown, the government's statistics agency said on Thursday.

Pandemic threatens Latin America's once vibrant culinary scene

11 Jun 2020

MEXICO CITY/BUENOS AIRES Fans of his uniquely Mexican take on high-end dining once packed a months-long wait list for Enrique Olvera's Pujol but the restaurant is grappling with a tough new reality as the novel coronavirus haunts Latin America's culinary upstarts.

Hundreds of Venezuelans camp in northern Bogota, await return home

09 Jun 2020

BOGOTA Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants are camping in an array of tents along a major Bogota highway as they wait to make their way back home, even as tightening border restrictions strand returnees fleeing Colombia's ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

For Colombia's quarantined poor, lunch is served - by trendy restaurants

03 Jun 2020

BOGOTA In the bustling kitchen of one of Bogota's trendiest restaurants, a team of chefs that usually caters to the Colombian capital's well-heeled citizens is preparing meals for a community of people cut off from work and housing during the Andean country's coronavirus quarantine.

Residents of Bogota slum facing eviction despite quarantine

16 May 2020

BOGOTA Hundreds of people expected to be evicted from their hillside homes in a slum of Colombia's capital Bogota on Friday, despite having nowhere to go during the country's coronavirus lockdown.

'Dengue kills too' - Latin America faces two epidemics at once

12 May 2020

BOGOTA As the coronavirus kills thousands and dominates government attention across Latin America, another deadly viral infection is quietly stalking the region.

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