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Spain's Supreme Court set to rule on whether remains of Franco should be moved

23 Sep 2019

MADRID Spain's Supreme Court is expected to rule on Tuesday on whether to move the remains of former dictator General Francisco Franco from a state mausoleum that the leftist government and others have criticized as a monument to fascism.

Franco's remains can be exhumed, Spain's Supreme Court says

24 Sep 2019

MADRID Spain's supreme court gave the government the go-ahead on Tuesday to exhume the remains of dictator Francisco Franco and move them from the state mausoleum in which he was buried in 1975.

"Sick and tired": Spaniards fed up with yet another election

18 Sep 2019

* Socialist premier on Tuesday called new election for Nov. 10

Spain's court rules against extraditing Venezuelan ex-spymaster

16 Sep 2019

MADRID Spain's High Court ruled on Monday that the government should refuse a request from the United States to extradite Venezuela's former military intelligence chief and ordered his release from jail.

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