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Exclusive: U.S. open to new path towards removing Sudan from terrorism list - official

16 Apr 2019

CAIRO The United States will consider new ways to remove Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism if it sees a fundamental change in its government and a commitment not to support terrorism, a State Department official said.

Egypt to slash fuel subsidies as it nears end of IMF programme

06 Apr 2019

CAIRO Egypt will remove subsidies on most energy products by June 15, it told the International Monetary Fund in a January letter released by the IMF on Saturday as part of a review of Cairo's three-year, $12 billion (9 billion pounds) loan programme with the lender.

Sudan's gum arabic dealers shrug off strife to tap fizzy drink market

26 Feb 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan has faced multiple armed conflicts, economic slumps and nationwide protests, but one of its little known exports has proved resilient through all the turmoil: gum arabic, an essential ingredient in fizzy drinks.

Sudan's economic decline provides fuel for anger against Bashir

20 Feb 2019

KHARTOUM As Samir Gasim reels off the problems facing his Khartoum confectionery and packaging factories, already running well below capacity, the power cuts and generators kick in.

Residual U.S. sanctions keep Sudan's economy in chokehold

07 Feb 2019

KHARTOUM, Feb 7, Sixteen months after the United States lifted most sanctions on Sudan, businesses are unable to operate dollar transactions, insurance companies are cut off from the reinsurance market and the local airline is virtually grounded for lack of spare parts.

Sudan must reform or seek bailout to pull economy out of nosedive

17 Jan 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan must implement radical reforms or seek a bailout from friendly nations to pull its economy out of the downward spiral that helped trigger the nationwide protests now rocking the country, economists and bankers say.

Egypt unveils 'one of a kind' ancient tomb, expects more finds

15 Dec 2018

SAQQARA, Egypt Egypt unveiled a well-preserved 4,400-year-old tomb decorated with hieroglyphs and statues south of Cairo on Saturday, and officials expect more discoveries when archaeologists excavate the site further in coming months. | Video

Egyptian tax change could spur banks to step up private lending

01 Dec 2018

CAIRO A proposed change to the way Egypt taxes bank profits could encourage lenders to boost credit to the private sector and push up yields on Treasury debt, raising its appeal among foreign investors, economic analysts say.

Ancient Egyptian tombs yield rare find of mummified scarab beetles

12 Nov 2018

SAQQARA, Egypt Archaeologists in Egypt said on Saturday they had discovered a rare collection of mummified scarab beetles, as well as an apparently pristine Fifth Dynasty tomb that they plan to open in the coming weeks. | Video

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