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Jeff Mason is a White House Correspondent for Reuters and the 2016-2017 president of the White House Correspondents’ Association. He was the lead Reuters correspondent for President Barack Obama's 2012 campaign and interviewed the president at the White House in 2015. Jeff has been based in Washington since 2008, when he covered the historic race between Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Jeff started his career in Frankfurt, Germany, where he covered the airline industry before moving to Brussels, Belgium, where he covered the European Union. He is a Colorado native, proud graduate of Northwestern University and former Fulbright scholar.

Twitter handle: @jeffmason1

28 Nov 2017

Breakingviews - Uber backers face head-on collision with greed

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Uber's early backers are on a collision course with their own greed. Japan’s SoftBank and allied investors want to buy roughly one-sixth of the bumptious ride-hailing firm. Existing owners can sell at a $48 billion valuation, or about 30 percent below the last one. Even with a markdown, they could make many times their money. The promise of more, however risky, will cloud the thinking.

22 Nov 2017

Breakingviews - Nippon Paint's run at Axalta looks off-colour

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Nippon Paint’s run at Axalta looks less than brilliant. The $11 billion Japanese company has lobbed in a cash bid for its U.S. rival, according to Reuters, killing the target’s merger talks with Akzo Nobel of the Netherlands. A deal valued at some $12 billion including debt, even assuming hefty savings, would destroy value. Fulfilling global ambitions may be costly.

21 Nov 2017

Breakingviews - WPP rebrands its weak Tokyo defence

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - WPP has rebranded its Tokyo defence. The advertising conglomerate is selling into a $1.4 billion buyout it argued “significantly undervalues” its Japanese partner ADK. That reveals a weaker-than-billed negotiating position. One consolation could be re-investing in the Bain-led deal.

14 Nov 2017

Breakingviews - Breakdown: Redesigned TPP deal goes to 11

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - A new Trans-Pacific Partnership is a big deal, even without the United States. Losing the world’s biggest economy seriously reduces the overall impact of the trade pact, which Donald Trump jettisoned at the start of his presidency. For Japan, Australia, Canada and others, however, it is valuable anyway, and over time the framework could expand. Breakingviews looks at how and why TPP stuck around.

13 Nov 2017

Breakingviews - MUFG banks on an easy ride in Indonesia

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Japan’s largest lender is banking on an easier ride in Indonesia. Buying into Bank Danamon would nicely round out the regional presence of the $87 billion Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. And when it comes to both price and politics, MUFG looks better placed than the Southeast Asian group’s previous suitor.

10 Nov 2017


[香港 10日 ロイター BREAKINGVIEWS] - 日本は、数字や複雑なロジックが絡む数独などの頭脳パズルが大好きだ。新興企業投資に巨額の資金を調達し、チップ開発から通信事業、中国電子商取引大手アリババ・グループ・ホールディングにまで関心の幅を広げるソフトバンク・グループ は、急速に企業界の「頭脳パズル」になりつつある。

06 Nov 2017

Breakingviews - Qatar Airways gets seat for any Cathay dealmaking

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Qatar Airways has landed in the centre of the debate about Cathay Pacific’s future. The state-owned Middle Eastern carrier is buying nearly 10 percent of its struggling Hong Kong counterpart for about $661 million. That may not be a money-spinner for the Qataris, but it will certainly complicate any future manoeuvring over Cathay’s ownership.

03 Nov 2017

Breakingviews - Abe best off keeping Trump out of economic rough

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Shinzo Abe will have to be on more than just his golf game this weekend when he meets with Donald Trump. The Japanese prime minister is hosting the U.S. president and they're slated to play at least another nine holes together. Abe would be wise to stay on the geopolitical fairway and out of the economic rough.

12 Oct 2017


[香港 10日 ロイター BREAKINGVIEWS] - 品質管理を巡る問題が、日本株式会社を蝕(むしば)んでいる。製鋼大手の神戸製鋼所が、アルミニウムや銅の製品の一部について契約した製品仕様に適合しているように見せかけて約200社に出荷していたと発表。

06 Oct 2017

Breakingviews - Buyout giants break through the ice in Japan

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Japan is finally warming up to buyouts. The world’s third-biggest economy should be a prime hunting ground for private equity: Japanese firms make great products and are often parochial, poorly run, and undervalued, offering lots of room for improvement. Yet the country has long frustrated foreign PE shops. This year offers proof things are improving.

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