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Rahul Karunakar

Euro zone business growth recovers, but outlook darkens

22 Aug 2019

BENGALURU Euro zone business growth nudged up in August and may provide some modest cheer for policymakers, a survey showed, but the weakness in manufacturing and future expectations will keep the European Central Bank on track to ease policy in September.

Dollar will be cut down to size if Fed gives in to market whims - Reuters poll

08 Aug 2019

BENGALURU The U.S. dollar's dominance will come to an end if the Federal Reserve gives in to pressure from financial markets and President Donald Trump and chops interest rates another 50 basis points this year, a Reuters poll of market strategists showed.

Increasingly cautious global funds build cash buffer; cut equities - Reuters poll

31 Jul 2019

"More caution" was the mantra of global fund managers in July, with recommended equity allocations cut to the lowest since early 2017 and suggested cash holdings increased to the highest in five months, a Reuters poll showed.

Fed to cut rates for first time in a decade this month: Reuters poll

25 Jul 2019

A quarter-point Federal Reserve interest rate cut in July is almost a done deal, according to economists in a Reuters poll, who expect another later in the year amid rising economic risks from the ongoing U.S.-China trade war. | Video

India's RBI to cut rates again in August as doves prevail: Reuters poll

25 Jul 2019

BENGALURU The Reserve Bank of India is set to cut interest rates in August for the fourth meeting in a row, according to a Reuters poll of economists, a majority of whom said risks to their already-modest growth forecasts were skewed more to the downside.

Global funds favour bonds on lower-for-longer rates view

28 Jun 2019

BENGALURU Fund managers increased their recommendations for bond holdings for the sixth straight month in June, to the highest since at least the start of 2013, and cut equities for a fourth consecutive month, a Reuters poll found.

ECB to pacify doves with a cut or easing guidance by end-September - Reuters poll

24 Jun 2019

BENGALURU By the end of September, the European Central Bank will either cut its deposit rate or ease its forward guidance further by pledging to keep interest rates lower for longer, according to a majority of economists in a Reuters poll.

Global funds recommend stashing cash in face of trade war - Reuters poll

31 May 2019

BENGALURU Global funds became more cautious in May, shunning equities, recommending increasing cash holdings to their highest in three months and raising bond allocations to a level not seen in nearly two years, a Reuters poll showed.

Global funds favour bonds, but say most assets expensive - Reuters poll

30 Apr 2019

BENGALURU Global funds recommended a cut in equity holdings this month and an increase in bonds allocations to the highest since August 2017, a Reuters poll showed, reflecting a generally cautious mood among long-term investors.

Global funds raise stock allocations and cut cash buffer - Reuters poll

29 Mar 2019

BENGALURU Global funds recommended switching cash back into equities in March as stocks have recovered smartly despite some turbulence this quarter from a deep sell-off late last year, a Reuters poll showed.

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