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Rahul Karunakar

Global funds recommend stashing cash in face of trade war - Reuters poll

31 May 2019

BENGALURU Global funds became more cautious in May, shunning equities, recommending increasing cash holdings to their highest in three months and raising bond allocations to a level not seen in nearly two years, a Reuters poll showed.

Global funds favour bonds, but say most assets expensive - Reuters poll

30 Apr 2019

BENGALURU Global funds recommended a cut in equity holdings this month and an increase in bonds allocations to the highest since August 2017, a Reuters poll showed, reflecting a generally cautious mood among long-term investors.

Global funds raise stock allocations and cut cash buffer - Reuters poll

29 Mar 2019

BENGALURU Global funds recommended switching cash back into equities in March as stocks have recovered smartly despite some turbulence this quarter from a deep sell-off late last year, a Reuters poll showed.

Fed to raise interest rates once more in third quarter, then done - Reuters poll

15 Mar 2019

BENGALURU The U.S. Federal Reserve will remain patient for a little longer than thought just last month, waiting until the third quarter before raising rates once more, and then stay on the sidelines, a Reuters poll of economists showed.

Global funds reached for a bigger cash buffer in February - Reuters poll

01 Mar 2019

BENGALURU Global funds recommended a bigger safety buffer in February, with cash holdings raised to their highest in more than three years and equity allocations cut to the lowest in nearly two, a Reuters poll showed on Thursday.

Global stocks resurgence likely to be short-lived

28 Feb 2019

BENGALURU Global stock markets will at best only recoup losses in 2019 from the sell-off late in 2018, according to analysts polled by Reuters, who reckon the risk is skewed more toward a decline in mid-year.

Global stock market resurgence to be short-lived, 2019 outlook cut: Reuters Poll

28 Feb 2019

BENGALURU Global stock markets in 2019 will at best only recoup losses from the deep sell-off late last year, according to equity market analysts in Reuters polls, who reckon the risk is skewed more toward a sharp fall by mid-year.

Global funds raise equities to highest in nearly a year - Reuters Poll

01 Feb 2019

Global investors recommended an increase in equity holdings to the highest in almost a year, with a majority of funds polled by Reuters this month saying the pull-back in stocks has run its course.

U.S. funds still leaning towards cash and bonds - Reuters poll

20 Dec 2018

U.S. funds still tended towards cash and bonds in December, according to a Reuters poll of fund managers, who recommended increasing North American debt to the highest level since mid-2017.

Dollar's unrivalled surge this year will reverse in 2019: Reuters poll

06 Dec 2018

The dollar, which has enjoyed an unrivalled surge against its peers this year, will be undermined in 2019 on increasing concerns about slowing U.S. economic growth, a Reuters poll of foreign exchange strategists showed.

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