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Raya Jalabi

Exclusive: New Kurdish PM says priority is stronger Baghdad ties, rather than independence

10 Jul 2019

ERBIL, Iraq Two years after a failed independence bid plunged Iraq's Kurdistan Region into months of instability, the new regional prime minister said his priority was strengthening ties with Baghdad, signalling dreams of self-rule should be put on hold.

Ancient Iraqi city of Babylon designated UNESCO World Heritage Site

05 Jul 2019

RUINS OF BABYLON, Iraq The ancient city of Babylon, first referenced in a clay tablet from the 23rd century B.C., was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Friday, after a vote that followed decades of lobbying by Iraq.

Exclusive: Islamic State suspects sent by U.S. from Syria to Iraq

29 May 2019

BAGHDAD/BRUSSELS U.S. forces have quietly sent at least 30 suspected foreign Islamic State fighters captured in Syria last year and in late 2017 to stand trial in Iraq, interviews with the men, Iraqi sources and court documents show. | Video

Fearful and fenced in - foreign children of IS face indefinite stay in Iraq

30 Apr 2019

BAGHDAD The children ran along the narrow enclosure, screaming, fighting and crying for the attention of the prison worker distributing sweets and balloons. Bug-bitten toddlers, too small to walk, clung to the sides of the chain link fence, staring blankly.

'Water is life': unexpected rainfall revives Iraq's historic marshlands

27 Apr 2019

CHIBAYISH MARSHES, Iraq This time last year, most of Iraq's historic marshlands were dry, desiccated by upstream damming and a chronic lack of rainfall. | Video

Special Report: Forgotten victims: The children of Islamic State

21 Mar 2019

BAGHDAD The hallways of the Rusafa Central Criminal Court in Baghdad teemed with anxious toddlers on the days their mothers were on trial. Then they vanished again, into the women's prison, where they have lived for the past year and a half. They sleep on thin mattresses in crowded cells, bored, hungry and often sick. They are the foreign children of Islamic State.

Erdogan threats against Kurds will not stop Syria withdrawal, Pompeo says

09 Jan 2019

BAGHDAD/CAIRO The U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria will not be scuppered despite Turkish threats against Washington's Kurdish allies there, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday, promising to ensure that the Kurds would still be protected. | Video

U.S. set to extend sanctions waiver for Iraq to import Iranian gas

21 Dec 2018

BAGHDAD/ERBIL, Dec 21 The United States has reached an agreement in principle with Iraq to extend for 90 days an exemption to sanctions against Iran, allowing Baghdad to keep importing Iranian gas that is critical for Iraqi power production.

Artists emerge from ruins of Mosul to reclaim Iraqi city's cultural life

01 Nov 2018

MOSUL, Iraq The first thing musician Fadhel al-Badri did when Mosul was liberated from Islamic State last year was breathe a sigh of relief. | Video

RPT-Artists emerge from ruins of Mosul to reclaim Iraqi city's cultural life

31 Oct 2018

* Qaeda suppressed arts in Mosul even before Islamic State takeover

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