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Exclusive: U.S. migrant policy sends thousands of children, including babies, back to Mexico

11 Oct 2019

TIJUANA, Mexico Since January, the U.S. government has ordered 16,000 migrants under 18, including nearly 500 infants, to wait with their families in Mexico for U.S. immigration court hearings, a Reuters analysis of government data found. | Video

Hasty rollout of Trump immigration policy has 'broken' border courts

11 Sep 2019

On the day she was set to see a U.S. immigration judge in San Diego last month, Katia took every precaution.

Exclusive: Asylum seekers returned to Mexico rarely win bids to wait in U.S

12 Jun 2019

Over two hours on June 1, a Honduran teenager named Tania pleaded with a U.S. official not to be returned to Mexico. | Video

Trading places: Unauthorized immigrant arrested after seeking detained son’s release

24 Feb 2019

The U.S. immigration agents who arrested Armando outside his Ohio home last fall would have had little trouble finding him: He had provided his address and fingerprints weeks earlier in a bid to get his 15-year old son out of government custody.

Special Report - The toxic legacy of a California Naval base

31 Jan 2019

SAN FRANCISCO It seemed like the ideal redevelopment play. The Treasure Island Naval Station, erected on a picturesque strip of land in the middle of San Francisco Bay in 1942, was closed by the U.S. Navy in 1997. The city of San Francisco eyed the property as the centrepiece of a plan for easing the technology hub’s housing crisis. | Video

U.S. courts abruptly tossed 9,000 deportation cases. Here's why

17 Oct 2018

Liliana Barrios was working in a California bakery in July and facing possible deportation when she got a call from her immigration attorney with some good news.

Sessions limits U.S. judges' ability to dismiss deportation cases

19 Sep 2018

SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced new limits on the ability of immigration judges to terminate deportation cases on Wednesday, the latest in a series of decisions to facilitate the removal of immigrants in the country illegally.

How a mother's tough choice gave her son a potential U.S. asylum advantage

17 Aug 2018

SAN FRANCISCO/WEST PALM BEACH For two months in detention after being separated from her 14-year old son by U.S. border officials, Catalina Sales worried about how he was doing and when she would see him again. | Video

Judge orders migrants returned to U.S. in midst of deportation flight

09 Aug 2018

A federal judge on Thursday ordered an immigrant mother and daughter brought back to the United States after learning during a court hearing that the government had put them on a deportation flight to El Salvador.

U.S. says data on separated families not readily available - court filings

27 Jul 2018

NEW YORK The U.S. government said in court filings on Thursday that it lacked the technical capability to quickly provide states with information about children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border under President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" policy towards illegal immigrants.

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