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On anniversary of protests, Chileans brace for fresh demonstrations and violence

17 Oct 2020

SANTIAGO The one-year anniversary of the protests and riots that rocked Chile in 2019, leaving more than 30 dead, brings mixed emotions to demonstrator Diego Leppez, who lost his eye when a tear gas bomb exploded by his side.

Chilean miner trapped underground a decade ago recalls the day he saw the light

13 Oct 2020

SANTIAGO The spectacular rescue a decade ago of 33 miners trapped for two months underground in Chile´s far-flung Atacama desert made headlines around the world.

Peru police seize 11 tonnes of mutilated shark meat

25 Sep 2020

LIMA Peruvian police have seized a shipment of about 11 tonnes of mutilated sharks in the country's north, mainly of protected hammerhead sharks whose fins are highly valued and seen as a delicacy in Asian markets.

Chile's capital becomes hot spot for cougar sightings

23 Sep 2020

SANTIAGO A cougar cub was captured in a posh Santiago neighborhood near the foothills of the Andes mountains, National Zoo officials said, the latest in a rash of recent wild cat sightings in the Chilean capital.

Chilean scientists rediscover 'ghost' frog in far-flung desert hot spring

23 Sep 2020

SANTIAGO Chilean scientists have rediscovered a species of frog last seen more than 80 years ago, prompting new calls for the conservation of its habitat in the far-flung Chilean desert.

Wanted: Animal Godparents for Chilean Zoo in 'Bleak' Year

14 Sep 2020

SANTIAGO Oliver the rhinoceros, King Julien the lemur, Chilly Willy the penguin and their friends are urgently seeking sponsors for their bed and board in a Chilean zoo as visitors have dwindled to zero with the arrival of coronavirus.

On billboards, farewells to Peru's COVID-19 victims writ large

25 Aug 2020

LIMA Peruvians unable to personally bid farewell to loved ones who have died during the novel coronavirus pandemic have seized on the offer of billboard space to say their final adieus writ large.

Batman prowls streets of Santiago delivering food to homeless

18 Aug 2020

SANTIAGO A stranger disguised as Batman is prowling the streets of Santiago delivering food to the homeless, providing sustenance and light-hearted solace to those in need following months of lockdown in the Chilean capital.

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PM Johnson and EU chief seek to break Brexit impasse

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will speak to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Saturday to try to break an impasse in trade talks with time running out to avoid a chaotic end to the Brexit saga.