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U.S. housing market to remain a bright spot in a weak economy: Reuters poll

30 Sep 2020

BENGALURU U.S. house prices will continue to surge well into next year and beyond, outpacing inflation and the overall economy, a Reuters poll of property analysts found, making it a bright spot against an otherwise gloomy economic backdrop.

Euro zone economic outlook steady but job recovery at high risk - Reuters poll

20 Aug 2020

BENGALURU A full bounceback from the euro zone's deepest recession on record will take two years or more, according to a Reuters poll of economists who also said there is a high risk the job recovery underway reverses by the end of 2020.

Euro zone outlook gets slight boost from EU stimulus deal - Reuters poll

29 Jul 2020

BENGALURU Euro zone economic growth next year will be slightly stronger than previously thought, according to a Reuters poll of forecasters taken after European Union leaders agreed on 750 billion euros to support economies ravaged by the coronavirus.

ECB not finished with new policy easing, economists say: Reuters poll

12 Jun 2020

BENGALURU The European Central Bank, which just last week said it was ramping up its already-whirring money-printing presses, will announce yet more stimulus measures in response to the pandemic-driven recession, a Reuters poll of economists predicted.

As euro zone recession deepens, ECB to scale up bond buying next month

15 May 2020

BENGALURU The euro zone economy's worst recession on record will be even deeper than forecast less than a month ago, according to a Reuters poll of economists who said the European Central Bank will ramp up its bond-buying again next month.

Euro zone economy set for deepest recession on record: Reuters poll

22 Apr 2020

BENGALURU The euro zone economy is already in its deepest recession on record, according to a Reuters poll of economists, who have stuck to a bleak outlook and worry the downturn might be even worse as coronavirus lockdowns across the bloc take their toll. | Video

European Central Bank seen on hold despite recession risks doubling - Reuters poll

06 Mar 2020

BENGALURU The European Central Bank will not follow the Federal Reserve in cutting interest rates to soften the economic threat from the coronavirus outbreak, even though the median chances of a euro zone recession have doubled in the last month.

ECB negative rates not harmful, but inflation rise to stay elusive - Reuters poll

17 Feb 2020

BENGALURU The European Central Bank's negative interest rate policy is not harming the euro zone economy but will not succeed in bringing inflation up to the central bank's target, a Reuters poll of economists found.

Euro zone slowdown has bottomed but no big bounce in sight: Reuters poll

17 Jan 2020

BENGALURU The slowdown in euro zone economic activity has probably bottomed out, according to a Reuters poll, which showed while the outlook for growth and inflation remained lukewarm the chances of a recession have faded somewhat.

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