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Rick Horrow

This week in sports: Can the NFL cash in on gambling?

14 Sep 2018

Listen to this week’s Keeping Score podcast with sports business expert Rick Horrow:

The NFL's new playbook

12 Sep 2018

Beyond controversy and CTE, National Football League team executives must navigate a treacherous set of new market conditions. Indianapolis Colts' COO Pete Ward talked about some of the challenges and what the league must do to stay on top.

The other side of Nick Saban

07 Sep 2018

The Alabama coach talks about growing up in West Virginia and how playing  football prepared him for life.

Remembering John McCain

28 Aug 2018

The Arizona senator had strong feeling on sports, and in a 2016 conversation expounded on the NFL's ill-fated "pay for patriotism" black eye and why he wouldn't want "a single dime of taxpayer dollars" spent on subsidizing sports venues.

The NBA's new game

23 Aug 2018

Milwaukee Bucks boss Peter Feigin talks about what opening a new arena means in an industry where a franchises increasingly depend on both their physical and virtual assets.

Week in sports: Who’s winning the battle of the brands?

17 Aug 2018

Listen to the Keeping Score podcast with sports business expert Rick Horrow:

In Indianapolis, an economy built on sports

16 Aug 2018

Ryan Vaughn, the President of the Indiana Sports Corp., explains how the city plotted a commitment to sports in the 1970s and why it’s still paying off today.

This week in sports: Golf, gambling and rising sumo stars

09 Aug 2018

Listen to Keeping Score with sports business expert Rick Horrow:

Digging, and spiking, for gold

09 Aug 2018

Rising volleyball star Sara Hughes still has her grandmother doing her taxes but that hasn’t stopped brands such as Nike from wanting a piece of her – both on the beach and on Instagram, ahead of the 2020 Olympics.

Minor leagues win some major deals

01 Aug 2018

With 40 million fans a year, Minor League Baseball offers a big upside for sponsors. Maury Gallagher, founder and CEO of Allegiant Airlines, talks with sports business expert Rick Horrow about why he’s inked a marquee sponsorship with the minors. Plus, a look at the runaway ad money behind the MLB All-Star Game.

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