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Riham Alkousaa

Three Syrians arrested in Germany and France for suspected crimes against humanity

13 Feb 2019

BERLIN Police have detained two Syrians in Germany and one in France on suspicion of torture and other crimes against humanity, prosecutors said on Wednesday, the first such arrests in Europe against suspected figures in Syria's feared security service.

Catherine Deneuve's new film explores Islamist radicalisation

13 Feb 2019

BERLIN Tolerance and non-judgemental understanding may be the best way to try to save radicalized young Europeans who want to go and join militant Islamists in Middle Eastern conflicts, veteran French actress Catherine Deneuve said on Tuesday. | Video

At Berlin Film Festival, a Norwegian forest as childhood paradise

10 Feb 2019

BERLIN A Norwegian drama starring film veteran Stellan Skarsgard awakens nostalgia for youth and bygone landscapes, but global warming was not its intended message, according to the author of the book the film is based on.

German film shows horrors of 1970s serial killer

09 Feb 2019

BERLIN A disturbing German film showing the true story of a serial killer who preyed on women in Hamburg's red-light district in the 1970s does not glorify violence but explores the humanity of victims and killer, the film's director said.

Skirting U.S. sanctions, Europeans open new trade channel to Iran

31 Jan 2019

PARIS/BERLIN France, Germany and Britain have opened a new channel for non-dollar trade with Iran to avert U.S. sanctions, although diplomats say it is unlikely to allow for the big transactions that Tehran says it needs to keep a nuclear deal afloat. | Video

German region tells parties - put equal numbers of men and women up for election

31 Jan 2019

BERLIN The regional parliament of the German state of Brandenburg voted on Thursday to make political parties put an equal number of men and women up for elections.

Barnier says time-limited Irish backstop not possible

24 Jan 2019

BERLIN The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said that the "backstop" provision in the agreement for Britain's withdrawal from the bloc could not be time-limited, since that would defeat its purpose of guaranteeing no hard Irish border.

Three migrants find new life in Germany

06 Dec 2018

BERLIN Ali Mohammad Rezaie does not celebrate his birthday because his Afghan parents never noted the date he was born. Yet he knows exactly when he arrived in Berlin to seek asylum: Oct 15, 2015.

German Catholic Church apologises for 'pain' of abuse victims

25 Sep 2018

BERLIN The head of the Catholic Church in Germany apologised on Tuesday "for all the failure and pain", after a report found thousands of children had been sexually abused by its clergy, and said the "guilty must be punished". | Video

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