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Rinat Harash

Biblical bad guys the ancient Philistines came from Europe, DNA shows

03 Jul 2019

JERUSALEM The ancient Philistines, the Biblical villains whose origins have puzzled scholars for decades, came to the Middle East from southern Europe more than 3,000 years ago, new DNA testing has shown.

From Batman to Holy Land, comics artist sees heroes on all sides

20 Jun 2019

OFRA, West Bank An American comic book illustrator once feted for a portfolio including Batman and Wonder Woman covers has found a new calling in the Holy Land - drawing the everyday good and bad guys he sees on all sides. | Video

3D laser imaging shines new light on 'Last Supper' site

11 Apr 2019

JERUSALEM The arched stone-built hall in Jerusalem venerated by Christians as the site of Jesus' Last Supper has been digitally recreated by archaeologists using laser scanners and advanced photography. | Video

A new generation takes up the hunt for Dead Sea Scrolls

22 Jan 2019

QUMRAN, West Bank In the cliffs high above the Dead Sea archaeologists chip away with pick axes, hoping to repeat one of the most sensational discoveries of the last hundred years - the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls. | Video

Under the sea: antiquities make way for Israel's Leviathan pipeline

06 Sep 2018

DOR BEACH, Israel Underwater archaeologists have been scouring the seabed where a gas pipeline is being built off Israel's coast in a bid to preserve relics near a 5,000-year-old port which once was a key trade hub for the Mediterranean's ancient civilisations. | Video

Palestinians and Israelis remember life under British rule

22 Jun 2018

JERUSALEM Prince William's tour of Israel and the Palestinian Territories is the first official visit by a member of the royal family, but the Holy Land is familiar ground to the British state.

Pigeons, winged warriors that helped Israel to victory 70 years ago

18 Apr 2018

GIVAT BRENNER, Israel The cooing of pigeons fills the air once again in a secluded dovecot that was once part of a top-secret communications project during Israel's war with its Arab neighbours 70 years ago. | Video

Christ's 'crown of thorns' tree may help in climate change fight - researchers

30 Mar 2018

NEOT KEDUMIM, Israel As the sun beats down on the barren slopes around Jerusalem, a tree of the kind believed to have provided the crown of thorns in Biblical accounts of Jesus Christ's crucifixion stands unaffected, its fruits ample and foliage green. | Video

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