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'Bombshell' film probes sexual harassment's 'gray spaces'

12 Dec 2019

LOS ANGELES "Bombshell" tells the story of how sexual harassment accusations brought down the powerful creator of Fox News, but rather than taking a broad brush to paint the cable network chief, the film shows him as both menace and mentor to women.

Immersive movie technology gets U.S. debut with new 'Jumanji' adventure

05 Dec 2019

LOS ANGELES Moviegoers have been offered rolling seats, 3D glasses and even rain and smells in recent years as theatre chains seek to fill seats. | Video

California makes headway against wildfires after fierce Santa Ana winds ease

01 Nov 2019

LOS ANGELES, Nov 1 Fierce, dry Santa Ana winds off the Southern California mountains eased early Friday, helping firefighters make progress in corralling major wildfires that have displaced thousands of residents.

Southern California endures second straight day of wind-stoked wildfires

01 Nov 2019

LOS ANGELES A fresh spate of Southern California wildfires roared to life on Thursday, destroying homes and forcing evacuations, as the region faced a second day of explosively fierce Santa Ana winds that have fanned flames, displacing thousands of residents. | Video

Ringo Starr 'emotional' as Beatles come together in new recording

31 Oct 2019

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. When Ringo Starr decided to record a cover of one of the last songs written by John Lennon, the Beatles drummer knew he wanted former bandmate Paul McCartney to play bass. | Video

Linda Hamilton's existential crisis about return to 'Terminator' franchise

30 Oct 2019

LOS ANGELES Linda Hamilton set a new standard for female action heroes more than 30 years ago, but her return to the "Terminator" movie franchise prompted more than a little soul searching. | Video

Jolie and Pfeiffer battle for power in 'Maleficent' sequel

15 Oct 2019

LOS ANGELES The sequel to Walt Disney Co's 2014 hit "Maleficent," which begins rolling out in global theaters on Wednesday, puts three women at the center of a fight for control between humans and fairies.

Rare Darth Vader mask, Harry Potter glasses up for auction in LA

10 Sep 2019

LOS ANGELES A rare Darth Vader mask and helmet worn in one of the early "Star Wars" movies goes up for auction in Los Angeles later this month, along with a pair of Harry Potter's signature glasses.

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