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Rupam Jain

Taliban fighters double as reporters to wage Afghan digital war

11 May 2019

KABUL Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban's chief spokesman and editor-in-chief of the insurgent group's daily news bulletin, starts every day by collecting reports of overnight fighting with U.S. and Afghan forces.

Relentless Taliban violence casts a pall over 'slow' Afghan talks

10 May 2019

KABUL Talks with the Taliban on ending Afghanistan's war are making steady but slow progress, the chief U.S. envoy involved in the negotiations said on Friday while signalling growing frustration with relentless militant violence.

Taliban kill 13 in attack on police headquarters in northern Afghanistan

05 May 2019

KABUL Afghan forces battled for hours against Taliban insurgents who stormed a police headquarters in the northern city of Pul-e-Khumri, after a suicide bomber blew up his explosive-laden car, killing at least 13 people, officials said on Sunday.

U.S. and Taliban resume talks as Kabul seeks role in peace process

01 May 2019

KABUL American and Taliban officials resumed talks in Qatar on Wednesday aimed at ending a 17-year war in Afghanistan, while the Afghan government hosted a rare assembly in Kabul to ensure its interests are upheld in any peace deal.

Afghan president opens grand assembly in bid to gain initiative in Taliban talks

29 Apr 2019

KABUL Thousands of Afghans congregated in Kabul on Monday for a rare consultative meeting aimed at finding ways to negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban and end Afghanistan's war. | Video

Afghan president urges new lawmakers to participate in peace process

26 Apr 2019

KABUL Afghan President Ashraf Ghani encouraged newly-elected lawmakers to participate in the peace process with the Taliban as he opened on Friday the first session of parliament since a controversial election.

Pooja and Mohammad in their own words

23 Apr 2019

AHMEDABAD - Pooja Jadhav and Mohammad Rafiq were toddlers during the deadly riots that struck Gujarat while Narendra Modi was the state’s chief minister. Seventeen years later, they are among an estimated 15 million Indians who are voting for the first time in this year’s general election as Modi tries to secure a second term for his party and to hold his position as India’s prime minister.

Polarised politics: how two teenagers will vote after surviving 2002 Gujarat riots

23 Apr 2019

AHMEDABAD, India On the night of February 28, 2002, two toddlers living in adjacent alleys were dragged out of a slum district in Ahmedabad in Gujarat that had been set ablaze by a mob in one of India's worst ever Hindu-Muslim riots.

Afghan communications ministry attacked, seven killed

20 Apr 2019

KABUL At least seven people were killed in an attack on the Afghan communications ministry in central Kabul on Saturday, breaking months of relative calm in the capital and underlining the continued security threats despite efforts to open peace talks with the Taliban. | Video

U.N. highlights torture in Afghan jails but says progress is being made

17 Apr 2019

KABUL Afghan security forces have inflicted less torture and mistreatment of prisoners detained in conflict in recent years but "horrendous" practices persist despite new laws, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

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