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Kim Jong Un says North Korea prevented coronavirus from making inroads

03 Jul 2020

SEOUL North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told a meeting of the politburo of the ruling Workers Party the North had stopped the novel coronavirus from making inroads in the country, state news agency KCNA said on Friday. | Video

World takes stock of COVID-19 drug remdesivir after U.S. snaps up supplies

01 Jul 2020

SEOUL/BERLIN/LONDON Some governments in Europe and Asia said on Wednesday they have enough of Gilead's COVID-19 anti-viral remdesivir for now despite fears of shortages since the U.S. drugmaker pledged most output to its home market for the next three months.

South Korea to start talks on COVID-19 drug remdesivir purchases in August

01 Jul 2020

SEOUL South Korea has started distributing stocks of the COVID-19 treatment remdesivir that have been donated by Gilead Sciences Inc and plans to begin talks to purchase more supplies in August, its disease control agency said on Wednesday. | Video

A taste of democracy: South Korea’s 16-year fight for a green onion breakfast cereal

30 Jun 2020

SEOUL It is being hailed as a major win for democracy in South Korea. After 16 years in exile, a president this week triumphantly returned to claim his rightful place - on the front of a box of green onion-flavoured cereal. | Video

South Korea backs remdesivir for COVID-19, urges caution with dexamethasone

26 Jun 2020

SEOUL South Korea has added Gilead's anti-viral drug remdesivir to its coronavirus treatment guidelines in its first revision of recommendations since the outbreak began and urged caution in the use of the steroid therapy dexamethasone.

South Korea church hit by COVID-19 says members to give plasma for research

23 Jun 2020

SEOUL Around 4,000 recovered COVID-19 patients from a religious group at the centre of South Korea's largest outbreak will donate plasma for research, an official said on Tuesday, a day after local officials filed a lawsuit against the church.

Defectors prepare packages to send to North Korea despite growing tensions

18 Jun 2020

SEOUL A North Korean defector-led group on Thursday prepared hundreds of plastic bottles stuffed with rice which they plan to float into North Korea, despite a legal challenge from South Korean authorities and threats from Pyongyang. | Video

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