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Long lines, confusion as Venezuela sells Iranian fuel under new price system

01 Jun 2020

CARACAS Venezuela on Monday launched a fuel pricing system that largely rolls back decades of heavy subsidies, creating long lines and leaving drivers confused as the government seeks to end chronic shortages with gasoline imports from Iran.

Cut off by coronavirus: Hondurans in packed prison suffer mental toll

14 May 2020

LA ESPERANZA, Honduras For Yerbin Estrada, the worst part of the day is when the sun begins to set. The hundreds of inmates of La Esperanza prison in central Honduras must leave its small courtyard and file back to their cramped cells.

Alleged Maduro accomplice surrenders to U.S. agents, will help prosecution - sources

28 Mar 2020

CARACAS/BOGOTA U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents on Friday remanded in custody retired Venezuelan general Cliver Alcala, three people familiar with the matter said, after he agreed to work with prosecutors who charged him, President Nicolas Maduro and other top officials with drug trafficking.

As coronavirus hits Venezuela, Maduro further quashes dissent

26 Mar 2020

CARACAS On March 13, Melquiades Avila, an indigenous leader and journalist in the remote Venezuelan state of Delta Amacuro, asked on his popular Facebook account: "Will our hospital be ready for coronavirus?"

Venezuela confirms coronavirus cases amid public health concerns

14 Mar 2020

CARACAS/MARACAIBO Venezuela on Friday confirmed its first two cases of coronavirus amid concerns that the economically struggling South American nation is unprepared to confront a pandemic that is spreading rapidly around the globe.

Convicted criminals are among the special police terrorising Venezuela

19 Feb 2020

GUARENAS, Venezuela Since President Nicolas Maduro founded the Special Action Force of Venezuela's National Police two-and-a-half years ago, the squad has earned a fearsome reputation in poor neighbourhoods across Venezuela.

Venezuela's Guaido returns home after diplomatic world tour

12 Feb 2020

CARACAS Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido returned home on Tuesday after a three-week whirlwind tour that spanned the World Economic Forum in Davos and the White House as he seeks to rebuild momentum to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

Costco in Caracas: how Florida goods flood Venezuelan stores

16 Dec 2019

CARACAS/MIAMI While U.S. President Donald Trump wants to drive Venezuela's socialist ruler out of power with economic sanctions, there has in fact been a burgeoning influx of American-bought goods from Nutella spread to Oreo cookies.

Special Report: Elite police force spreads terror in the barrios of Venezuela

14 Nov 2019

CARACAS Before daybreak on January 8, several dozen police officers swept through the streets of Barrio Kennedy, a hillside slum outside Venezuela's capital.

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