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U.N. wants more urgency in AIDS fight as gains and funding fade

16 Jul 2019

LONDON, July 16 The global fight against AIDS is stalling due to lower investment, marginalized communities missing vital health services, and new HIV infections rising in some parts, the United Nations warned on Tuesday.

Riskier male sex pushes Europe's syphilis rates up 70% since 2010

12 Jul 2019

LONDON, July 12 Syphilis cases have soared in Europe over the last decade and become, for the first time since the early 2000s, more common in some countries than new cases of HIV, health experts said on Friday.

Study shows major real-world impact of cervical cancer vaccines

26 Jun 2019

LONDON, June 26 Vaccination against the virus that causes almost all cervical cancer is having a major impact on stopping infections and should significantly reduce cases of the disease within a decade, researchers said on Wednesday.

Varying vaccine trust leaves populations vulnerable, global study finds

19 Jun 2019

LONDON, June 19 Trust in vaccines - one of the world's most effective and widely-used medical products - is highest in poorer countries but weaker in wealthier ones where scepticism has allowed outbreaks of diseases such as measles to persist, a global study found on Wednesday.

A million people a day get sexual infections, WHO warns

06 Jun 2019

LONDON, June 6 More than a million people every day worldwide catch a sexually transmitted infection, with rates of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis and syphilis the most worrying, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.

Scientists edit chicken genes to make them resistant to bird flu

03 Jun 2019

LONDON, June 3 Scientists in Britain have used gene-editing techniques to stop bird flu spreading in chicken cells grown in a lab - a key step towards making genetically-altered chickens that could halt a human flu pandemic.

'Hidden health crisis' of snakebites gets $100 million funding injection

16 May 2019

LONDON, May 16 A global health trust is to inject 80 million pounds ($102 million) into finding more modern and effective treatments for snakebites - a "hidden health crisis" that kills 120,000 people a year and maims thousands more.

Scientists say they're closer to possible blood test for chronic fatigue

29 Apr 2019

LONDON, April 29 Scientists in the United States say they have taken a step towards developing a possible diagnostic test for chronic fatigue syndrome, a condition characterised by exhaustion and other debilitating symptoms.

Millions of children miss measles shots, creating outbreaks: UNICEF

25 Apr 2019

LONDON, April 25 More than 20 million children a year missed out on measles vaccines across the world in the past eight years, laying a path of exposure to a virus that is now causing disease outbreaks globally, a United Nations report said on Thursday.

Study points to new antibody approach to tackling Ebola, other infections

02 Apr 2019

LONDON, April 2 Scientists working on developing vaccines against Ebola have found they can "harvest" antibodies from volunteers vaccinated in research trials and use them to make treatments for the deadly viral infection.

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