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Resurging coronavirus biggest threat to euro zone economy: economists

18 Sep 2020

BENGALURU The resurgence in coronavirus cases is the biggest threat to the recovering euro zone economy, according to a Reuters poll of economists, who say growth and inflation are more likely to create negative surprises over the coming year than positive ones.

Fed's new policy shift to have no major impact, say economists: Reuters poll

11 Sep 2020

BENGALURU The U.S. Federal Reserve's latest policy shift will not have any significant impact on the economy, according to a majority of economists in a Reuters poll who do not expect the central bank to meet its dual mandate until 2023 at least.

U.S. economic recovery outlook steady even as Wall Street touches record - Reuters poll

21 Aug 2020

BENGALURU The U.S. economy is recovering smartly from the deepest recession on record, but unlike financial markets, economic forecasters have yet to show any new wave of optimism about quelling the virus and business returning to normal.

Euro zone economic outlook steady but job recovery at high risk - Reuters poll

20 Aug 2020

BENGALURU A full bounceback from the euro zone's deepest recession on record will take two years or more, according to a Reuters poll of economists who also said there is a high risk the job recovery underway reverses by the end of 2020.

As pandemic rages on, world economic recovery looks ever more shaky - Reuters poll

31 Jul 2020

BENGALURU The world economic outlook has dimmed again, with still-rising coronavirus infections and the risk of renewed lockdowns increasing the chances that any rebound will reverse course, according to Reuters polls of over 500 economists globally. | Video

U.S. economic outlook darkens, job recovery risks reversing - Reuters poll

24 Jul 2020

BENGALURU The U.S. economic outlook has darkened in the past month amid renewed lockdowns in some states from surging coronavirus cases, according to economists in a Reuters poll who warned of a high risk the job recovery underway reverses by year-end.

No breakthrough yet from plodding global recovery outlook - Reuters poll

26 Jun 2020

BENGALURU The outlook for a global economic recovery over the past month has worsened or at best stayed about the same, according to a firm majority of economists in Reuters polls, with the ongoing recession expected to be deeper than predicted only last month.

Fed's gloomy economic outlook 'about right,' say economists: Reuters poll

23 Jun 2020

BENGALURU The Federal Reserve struck the right tone in its first pandemic-era economic outlook, suggesting years of extraordinary policy support for an economy facing a slow and long slog back, according to a majority of economists in a Reuters poll.

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