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Social Democrat Lofven wins Swedish PM race as populists left in cold

18 Jan 2019

STOCKHOLM Sweden's parliament handed Social Democrat leader Stefan Lofven a second term in office on Friday, ending more than four months of deadlock after an inconclusive election that had allowed a populist party to threaten the traditional balance of power. | Video

Braving outrage, Swedish liberal Loof dumps partners to block populists

18 Jan 2019

STOCKHOLM Annie Loof, leader of Sweden's Centre Party, has been called a traitor for her decision to abandon her centre-right allies and back long-time political foe, Social Democrat leader Stefan Lofven, as prime minister after an inconclusive election.

Set for second term as Swedish PM, Lofven faces balancing act

16 Jan 2019

STOCKHOLM After months of deadlock, Social Democrat Stefan Lofven looked set for a second term as Sweden's prime minister, but he will be walking a tightrope, needing to placate both his centre-right partners and the Left Party to stay in power.

Swedish PM hopeful Lofven given 48 hours to salvage government deal

14 Jan 2019

STOCKHOLM Social Democrat leader Stefan Lofven has 48 hours to persuade a slighted Left Party, whose support he needs to get elected, to back him as Sweden's prime minister and end four months of uncertainty after a tied election.

Sweden's Lofven edges towards second PM term after deal with centre-right

11 Jan 2019

STOCKHOLM Social Democrat leader Stefan Lofven took a big step towards a second term as Sweden's prime minister on Friday after agreeing a deal with two opposition parties that will move policy sharply to the right with tax cuts and business-friendly reforms.

Swedish political crisis deepens as opposition get its budget passed

12 Dec 2018

STOCKHOLM Sweden's political crisis deepened on Wednesday as parliament rejected the caretaker government's budget in favour of a tax-cutting one from the opposition.

Sweden closer to election as Lofven drops bid to form government

29 Oct 2018

STOCKHOLM The leader of Sweden's Social Democrats, Stefan Lofven, on Monday abandoned efforts to form a government, extending a political deadlock that has gripped the country since an inconclusive national election seven weeks ago.

No end in sight for Swedish government talks

15 Oct 2018

STOCKHOLM Swedish Social Democrats leader and caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Lofven was handed the task on Monday of forming a new government with sufficient support in a parliament left deeply divided following last month's inconclusive elections.

U.S. economists win Nobel for work on climate change, innovation

09 Oct 2018

STOCKHOLM Americans William Nordhaus and Paul Romer, pioneers in adapting the western economic growth model to focus on environmental issues and sharing the benefits of technology, won the 2018 Nobel Economics Prize on Monday. | Video

Swedish centre-right gets first try at forming government, faces uphill task

02 Oct 2018

STOCKHOLM Sweden's parliamentary speaker on Tuesday gave a centre-right bloc of parties two weeks to form a government, granting its leader a broad mandate that he may struggle to fulfil following inconclusive national elections.

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