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Stephanie van den Berg

Exclusive: Process to elect ICC war crimes prosecutor stalls amid U.S. sanctions

20 Oct 2020

THE HAGUE Washington's decision to impose financial sanctions on the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is overshadowing the search for her successor, with countries deadlocked over a post that has new visibility as the target of American anger.

Kosovo war crimes tribunal arrests first suspect, former KLA leader

24 Sep 2020

THE HAGUE A former insurgent commander, Salih Mustafa, has been arrested in Kosovo and transferred to the Kosovo war crimes tribunal's detention center in the Netherlands, the court said on Thursday.

U.S. asks World Court to dismiss Iran sanctions case

14 Sep 2020

THE HAGUE Lawyers for the United States on Monday asked judges at the United Nations' highest court to dismiss a case brought by Iran seeking to lift sanctions.

U.S. to challenge World Court's jurisdiction in Iran sanctions case

14 Sep 2020

THE HAGUE, Sept 14 Lawyers for the United States are expected on Monday to reject the jurisdiction of the U.N.'s highest court to resolve a case brought by Iran seeking to lift U.S. sanctions against Tehran.

Malian accused of Timbuktu war crimes refuses to enter plea

14 Jul 2020

THE HAGUE A Malian Islamist rebel accused of being central to the "persecution" of residents of Timbuktu and the destruction of the city's holy grounds refused to enter a plea Tuesday as his lawyers argued he was not mentally fit to stand trial. | Video

Bosnian Serb govt indoctrinating children over Srebrenica - U.N. tribunal head

08 Jul 2020

THE HAGUE The Bosnian Serb government is indoctrinating children with denials of the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica of 8,000 Muslim men and boys, and wrecking attempts at reconciliation, the head of a U.N. court said in an interview.

International Criminal Court members defend it in face of U.S. sanctions

24 Jun 2020

THE HAGUE Over half the member states of the International Criminal Court defended the world's only permanent war crimes tribunal on Tuesday in a diplomatic response to a U.S. threat of sanctions against its employees earlier this month.

Defence wants more time in Dutch MH17 trial after Covid-19 delays

08 Jun 2020

AMSTERDAM Defence lawyers on Monday insisted they needed more time to prepare at the trial of suspects in the downing of a Malaysia Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine, as proceedings resumed after a coronavirus lockdown was eased in the Netherlands.

Dutch MH17 trial resumes after delay due to coronavirus lockdown

08 Jun 2020

AMSTERDAM, June 8 Defence lawyers in the trial of the 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine on Monday will request more time to prepare as public hearings resumed following delays caused by the coronavirus lockdown.

Rwanda's most-wanted genocide suspect appears before French court

20 May 2020

PARIS/THE HAGUE Felicien Kabuga, accused of funding the 1994 Rwandan genocide, appeared before a French court on Wednesday, four days after his arrest following a quarter of a century on the run. | Video

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