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Stephen Farrell

Catching songbirds at Gaza's ruined airport

01 Dec 2018

RAFAH On many days, Hamza Abu Shalhoub is the only person sitting inside the derelict VIP lounge of what used to be Gaza International Airport. | Video

Israeli artist beats Gaza rockets into Hanukkah lamps

28 Nov 2018

YATED, Israel The clang of hammer on metal and the roar of a blowtorch can be heard long before you walk into Israeli metal sculptor Yaron Bob's workshop. | Video

Druze on Golan Heights protest against Israeli municipal election

30 Oct 2018

MAJDAL SHAMS, Golan Heights Hundreds of Druze Arabs, some carrying Syrian flags, gathered outside the gates of a polling station on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Tuesday, trying to block their townspeople from voting in municipal elections.

Putin sees chance circumstances behind downing of Russian plane off Syrian coast

18 Sep 2018

MOSCOW/JERUSALEM President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the shooting down of a Russian military plane near Syria's seacoast was the result of a series of tragic and chance circumstances. | Video

Twenty-five years on, Oslo Accords peace hopes a fading memory

12 Sep 2018

JERUSALEM As Palestinians prepare to lower the flag over their shuttered mission in Washington, no one can predict when they will return to the city where just a quarter of a century ago a diplomatic triumph was celebrated on a sunlit White House lawn.

Palestinian refugees angry and dismayed at U.S. for halting funds to U.N. agency

01 Sep 2018

JERUSALEM Palestinian refugees reacted with dismay on Saturday to a United States decision to halt funding to a U.N. agency, warning that it would lead to more poverty, anger and instability in the Middle East.

Israeli prison to join Armageddon's list of ancient ruins

12 Aug 2018

MEGIDDO, Israel The end is nigh at Armageddon - at least for an old Israeli prison near the ancient ruins of Megiddo, by tradition the site of the apocalyptic Biblical battle between good and evil. | Video

Palestinians in Jerusalem demolish own homes rather than see Israelis move in

19 Jul 2018

JERUSALEM Two Palestinian families on Thursday demolished the homes they had lived in for nearly two decades, saying they would rather destroy them than face the prospect of Israeli settlers moving in.

U.S. Jerusalem embassy lies 'at the end of the world'

14 May 2018

JERUSALEM "On the edge of wilderness." That is how one of Israel's most famous authors once described the area where the new U.S. Embassy opened in Jerusalem on Monday. Others remember it very differently.

West Bank Bedouin remain wary after Israeli court suspends razing of village

06 Jul 2018

KHAN AL-AHMAR, West Bank Palestinians and their supporters marked a temporary victory in a Bedouin village in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Friday after an Israeli judge halted demolition proceedings.

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