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Bus carrying Chinese-speaking tourists crashes in Utah, killing at least four

10:33pm BST

A bus carrying Chinese-speaking tourists careened off a road and crashed near Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah on Friday, killing at least four people and critically injuring at least another 12, authorities reported.

California governor acts to stem 'epidemic' of youth vaping

17 Sep 2019

LOS ANGELES California's governor on Monday ordered a public awareness campaign on health risks posed by a "youth epidemic" of vaping, but said he lacked authority to unilaterally ban flavored e-cigarettes that he said were deliberately marketed to children. | Video

Livestock keeper charged with illegal killing of California mountain lion

12 Sep 2019

LOS ANGELES A man employed as a livestock keeper for a Jewish university campus near Los Angeles has been charged with illegally killing a protected mountain lion and vandalizing its government tracking collar, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Trump administration tightens citizenship rules for children of U.S. military abroad

29 Aug 2019

Some children born to U.S. citizens stationed abroad as government employees or members of the U.S. military will no longer qualify for automatic American citizenship under a policy change unveiled on Wednesday by the Trump administration.

Louisiana university gun scare linked to apparent mistaken identity

21 Aug 2019

A gun scare that jolted Louisiana State University's Baton Rouge campus on Tuesday apparently stemmed from an off-duty policeman in plain clothes seen walking around with a pistol on his belt being mistaken for an armed intruder, a school spokesman said.

Space telescope offers rare glimpse of Earth-sized rocky exoplanet

20 Aug 2019

Direct observations from a NASA space telescope have for the first time revealed the atmospheric void of a rocky, Earth-sized world beyond our own solar system orbiting the most common type of star in the galaxy, according to a study released on Monday.

Accused neo-Nazi charged in Las Vegas with possessing bomb-making material

10 Aug 2019

An accused neo-Nazi sympathizer employed as a Las Vegas security guard was charged on Friday with possession of unregistered bomb-making materials that he clandestinely discussed using to attack a synagogue, federal prosecutors said.

FBI finds gunman in Dayton, Ohio, rampage was obsessed with violence

07 Aug 2019

The gunman who killed his sister and eight other people in Dayton, Ohio, before he was slain by police had a history of violent obsessions and previously mused about committing mass murder, an FBI official said on Tuesday. | Video

Singer R. Kelly charged in Minnesota with soliciting sex from minor

05 Aug 2019

Singer R. Kelly, jailed in New York last month after he was charged in Brooklyn and Chicago with numerous sexual misconduct felonies, was charged on Monday in Minnesota with soliciting sex from a minor at a Minneapolis hotel room 18 years ago. | Video

In less than a minute, Ohio gunman kills nine people, including sister

05 Aug 2019

A gunman wearing body armour and a mask opened fire in a crowded Dayton, Ohio neighbourhood known for its night life early on Sunday, killing nine people including his sister and wounding at least 27, authorities said, in the second deadly U.S. mass shooting in less than a day. | Video

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