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Number of chinstrap penguins in Antarctica has fallen sharply - scientists

11 Feb 2020

OFF ANVERS ISLAND, Antarctica The number of chinstrap penguins in some colonies in Western Antarctica has fallen by as much as 77% since they were last surveyed in the 1970s, say scientists studying the impact of climate change on the remote region. | Video

How VR helps kids with autism make sense of real world

22 Jan 2020

HERMITAGE, England A specialist care facility in England is using virtual reality (VR) headsets and data mining to help children with autism to acclimatize to scenarios they are likely to encounter outside of school. | Video

'Indiana Jones' scientists collect seeds in wild for climate change fight

03 Dec 2019

LONDON Braving perils from blood-sucking leeches to tigers and using transport as basic as elephants, scientists have journeyed like "Indiana Jones" to remote locations to collect wild cousins of crop seeds in a project to help tackle climate change.

H&M-backed startup puts bacteria to work in green dyeing process

27 Nov 2019

STOCKHOLM/NORWICH, Britain A British biotech startup is developing a method of textile dyeing that taps into the bright colours of birds and butterflies and has micro-organisms recreate them on fabric, slashing the use of water and heavy chemicals in the process. | Video

Startup helps Scottish farmers grow gourmet plants with sea water

26 Nov 2019

TURNBERRY, Scotland A British startup is teaching farmers how to grow crops using water from a source which won't run out – the sea. | Video

Tipping the scales? Briton develops fish waste 'plastic'

15 Nov 2019

BRIGHTON, England A 23-year-old Briton has cooked up a compostable compound she hopes will one day replace much single-use plastic - and its main ingredient is byproducts of the fishing industry. | Video

New snowboard bindings fuel amputee's Paralympic hopes

22 Oct 2019

CASTLEFORD, England A former British army soldier who lost both his legs in a bomb explosion in Northern Ireland is hoping to snowboard in the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games in China thanks to new 3D-printed bindings which can absorb shock and give him greater speed. | Video

Tiny walking rover bound for the moon

11 Oct 2019

LONDON A lunar rover which will explore the moon on foot in 2021 was unveiled in London on Thursday.

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