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Israeli director Nadav Lapid's 'Synonyms' wins Berlinale

16 Feb 2019

BERLIN Nadav Lapid's "Synonyms", an anarchic story about an Israeli who tries to suppress his origins after moving to Paris, won the Berlin Film Festival's coveted Golden Bear award on Saturday.

Grief, and some joy, in a decades-spanning Chinese saga

15 Feb 2019

BERLIN "So Long My Son", a decades-spanning Chinese saga that opens in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution, was born of a need to re-assess a generation that had no time for introspection as it built modern China, its director Wang Xiaoshuai said. | Video

'Piranhas' explores emotional lives of Neapolitan child crime bosses

12 Feb 2019

BERLIN "Piranhas", a film about children wrapped up in the violence of the Neapolitan drugs trade, was inspired by crime journalist Roberto Saviano's desire to understand the emotional lives of teenagers who knew they were heading for violent early deaths.

Rousing ghosts - Ukraine famine film warns Europe

11 Feb 2019

BERLIN Fading memories of 20th century horrors are leaving European society less resilient to similar evils that could lie ahead, Polish director Agnieszka Holland said at the premiere of "Mr Jones", her film about the 1930s Ukrainian famine.

Teacher, drifter, Mossad spy: a Berlinale tale of trust and treachery

10 Feb 2019

BERLIN Diane Kruger took herself on a spy-training course in Israel to prepare for her starring role in "The Operative", and rapidly became a person she didn't like.

Tales of power and injustice open a politically-charged Berlinale

08 Feb 2019

BERLIN The ability of the weak to hold their own against the powerful loomed over the first day of the Berlinale, in which "The Kindness of Strangers", an ostensibly apolitical film, explored themes of injustice and inequality amid great wealth. | Video

'Farewell to Facebook', bids Germany's retiring Merkel

01 Feb 2019

BERLIN German Chancellor Angela Merkel took another step in her stage-managed exit from politics on Friday, posting a video to announce the closure of her Facebook page after stepping down as head of her party.

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