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Tom Allard

Special report: The hunt for Asia's El Chapo

14 Oct 2019

BANGKOK He is Asia’s most-wanted man. He is protected by a guard of Thai kickboxers. He flies by private jet. And, police say, he once lost $66 million in a single night at a Macau casino.

Exclusive: Police chase suspected kingpin of vast Asian meth syndicate

14 Oct 2019

BANGKOK The largest ever task force assembled to fight organised crime in Asia has identified a long-time drug trafficker, a China-born Canadian national, as the suspected kingpin of a crime syndicate that police say dominates the $70 billion-a-year Asia-Pacific drug trade.

Indonesian president open to dialogue with Papuan separatists

01 Oct 2019

JAKARTA Indonesian President Joko Widodo has opened the door to holding talks with separatists in the restive easternmost region of Papua, a departure from the stance of previous governments and some of his cabinet ministers.

Millions may risk jail as Indonesia to outlaw sex outside marriage

18 Sep 2019

JAKARTA Indonesia is poised to pass a new penal code that criminalizes consensual sex outside marriage and introduces stiff penalties for insulting the president's dignity - a move rights groups criticised as an intrusive assault on basic freedoms.

Explainer: Deepening unrest in Indonesia's Papua

29 Aug 2019

Indonesia's easternmost provinces of Papua and West Papua on the island of New Guinea - collectively known as Papua - have been racked by civil unrest for almost two weeks.

Asia-Pacific meth drug trade worth up to $61 billion, U.N. says

18 Jul 2019

BANGKOK Transnational crime groups are trafficking vast quantities of methamphetamine made in Southeast Asia, the United Nations said on Thursday, putting the value of the Asia-Pacific market for the drug between $30.3 billion (24.4 billion pounds) and $61.4 billion.

Jokowi 2.0 could open Indonesia’s door to foreign investors

17 Apr 2019

JAKARTA Foreign investors desperate for more access to Indonesia's huge market can take comfort from the re-election of Joko Widodo as president for a second and final term on Wednesday: according to government insiders he is poised for a splurge of reform.

Pushing the envelope: Money politics mars Indonesian poll

11 Apr 2019

JAKARTA Shanti Ramchand learned quickly what was expected when she began campaigning in Jakarta for Indonesia's national parliament – distribute envelopes of cash at a small campaign event, and gift a motorcycle or an airconditioning unit to the community leader.

New clues emerge of accused New Zealand gunman Tarrant's ties to far right groups

04 Apr 2019

SYDNEY From its clubhouses in Melbourne and Sydney, the Lads Society promotes drug-free living and exercise, as well as "white resistance" and Islamophobia, according to online statements and interviews with two of its leaders.

Cambodia placed on global money-laundering watchlist

22 Feb 2019

JAKARTA A global money-laundering watchdog placed Cambodia on its watchlist on Friday because of concern the country, which has never prosecuted a money-laundering case, is vulnerable to the concealment of illegally acquired money.

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