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Power shift - Who gains in the battle for Syria's northeast?

16 Oct 2019

ANKARA/BEIRUT President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of Syria radically realigns the balance of power in the country's northeast and creates a vacuum which Russia, Turkey and Iran are racing to fill. | Video

U.S. to pull last troops from north Syria; Syrian army to redeploy on border

14 Oct 2019

WASHINGTON/BEIRUT The United States said on Sunday it will withdraw its remaining 1,000 troops from northern Syria in the face of an expanding Turkish offensive while Syria's army struck a deal with Kurdish forces to redeploy along its border with Turkey, both major victories for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. | Video

Russia takes part in talks between Syria and Kurdish-led SDF

13 Oct 2019

BEIRUT/QAMISHLI, Syria, The Syrian government and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been holding negotiations with Russian participation, a Syrian Kurdish politician said on Sunday, expressing hope for a deal that would halt a Turkish attack.

Turkish-led forces advance into Syrian border town, fighting rages

13 Oct 2019

ANKARA/BEIRUT Turkish-backed Syrian rebels advanced into the border town of Ras al Ain in northeast Syria on Saturday but it was unclear how far, with Turkey saying it had taken the town centre, and Kurdish-led forces denying that and saying they were counter-attacking. | Video

Syrian Kurds outgunned but vow to inflict toll on Turkish army

10 Oct 2019

BEIRUT Kurdish fighters who defeated Islamic State across much of Syria with U.S. help will struggle to fend off the Turkish army and its Syrian rebel allies who thrust across the border on Wednesday in a long-threatened offensive. | Video

UPDATE 2-Hariri says UAE promised Lebanon aid after high-stakes talks

08 Oct 2019

BEIRUT, Oct 8 Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said on Tuesday the United Arab Emirates has promised investments and financial aid to his deeply indebted country, though work remains to seal the deal, after two days of high-stakes talks in Abu Dhabi.

As Lebanon reforms go slowly, protests suggest widening anger

03 Oct 2019

BEIRUT In a country fractured along sectarian lines, the unusually wide geographic reach of protests over Lebanon's dire economy on Sunday suggests deepening anger with an entire class of politicians who have jointly led it into crisis.

INTERVIEW-Lebanon sees high chances of offshore discovery, reforms on track-minister

21 Aug 2019

* Energy ministry is a focal point of government reform efforts

Syrian army poised to take key town in northwest

20 Aug 2019

BEIRUT Syrian government forces look set to recover a strategic town from rebels in a major Russian-backed offensive into the opposition's last major stronghold.

Syrian rebels shoot down government warplane in northwest

14 Aug 2019

BEIRUT Rebels shot down a Syrian warplane in the opposition stronghold of Idlib province on Wednesday as Russian-backed government forces closed in on a strategically important town.

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